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One of the my fav Instagram Stolen From Grandma has really put me in the mood for all things vintage. When I saw these hand lotions, I immediately thought! Oh – how granny appropriate!  Can’t wait to try these!

Keep your hands nourished all summer long!  Soap & Paper Factory Hand Cream has a rich, handcrafted, subtly scented emollient cream full of essential oils.  Packed with ultra-hydrating shea butter, meadowfoam, borage oil, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to feed dry skin, Soap and Paper Factory Hand Cream is the ultimate in natural skin nourishment. Each one comes in a beautiful, recyclable aluminum tube with stunning floral designs.

Geranium: laced with patchouli and ylang ylang, this scent imparts balance and energy

·         Gardenia: mysterious, alluring and feminine, a truly irresistible blend

·         Lavender: a calming stress-reliever, perfect for bedtime application

·         Green Tea: a pure, crisp, detoxifying aroma that awakens the senses

·         Verbena: a truly uplifting woody, floral scent

·         Jasmine: an intoxicating, flower fragrance that promotes inner peace


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