5 Places to use @BigGrips Frame

Grab more. Worry less. Big Grips Frame™ and Big Grips Stand™ for iPad. Made for kids and grown-ups too!  These invincible iPad cases are in a class of their own because of their big foamy frame and steady stand. They also come in a rainbow of color.  Purple, Pink, Blue, Green and Black. With Back to School just around the corner – You can use Big Grips whether you are in Grade 3 or doing your MBA.

Since the chic black Big Grips frame arrived, I have been finding so many places to use it. At first, Tai laughed and thought it was just huge but once I put it on the iPad, he said oh wow, it looks like a TV.  But besides that I found amazing uses for this iPad case and it has given me the versatility that no other case has ever given me! Here are the Top 5 Places that Big Grips can take you where no other case can.

Place 1:  Take your iPad into the bathroom!  Catch up on Flipboard while you brush your teeth or dry your hair. It takes me 7 minutes to dry my hair so what to do, what to do 😀


Place 2: Turn your iPad into a jukebox. Oh dance dance! The Bose dock is a bit jealous

Place 3: A delicious sturdy digital Cook Book!

Place 4: Now your dog can get pick up your iPad for you. Well sort of. At least he won’t chew it.

Place 5: GPS! You can now put this in your car and it stands up without sliding.

If you love your iPad and you want to take it places you can’t even imagine, Big Grips has to come with you. http://www.biggrips.com/

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