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@ClaireHartM Might like @SoapandPaper

One of the my fav Instagram Stolen From Grandma has really put me in the mood for all things vintage. When I saw these hand lotions, I immediately thought! Oh – how granny appropriate!  Can’t wait to try these!

Keep your hands nourished all summer long!  Soap & Paper Factory Hand Cream has a rich, handcrafted, subtly scented emollient cream full of essential oils.  Packed with ultra-hydrating shea butter, meadowfoam, borage oil, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to feed dry skin, Soap and Paper Factory Hand Cream is the ultimate in natural skin nourishment. Each one comes in a beautiful, recyclable aluminum tube with stunning floral designs.

Geranium: laced with patchouli and ylang ylang, this scent imparts balance and energy

·         Gardenia: mysterious, alluring and feminine, a truly irresistible blend

·         Lavender: a calming stress-reliever, perfect for bedtime application

·         Green Tea: a pure, crisp, detoxifying aroma that awakens the senses

·         Verbena: a truly uplifting woody, floral scent

·         Jasmine: an intoxicating, flower fragrance that promotes inner peace


8 Hot Designs from Lisa Logan @2lsquared for @MinxNailsDotCom

Minx has released the new “Minx Professional for Lisa Logan”, a collection of 8 Minx nail fashions designed by New York celebrity nail stylist Lisa Logan.  This is the second “Minx Professional for Lisa Logan” collection that Lisa Logan has designed for Minx, and it is an eclectic, colorful collection that is described in detail in the attached document.  Minx nail fashion is a solid nail coating applied by professional nail technicians using heat and pressure, and you can find a salon near you by visiting the Web site and using the salon locator.

Here is Amanda with Lisa!

Lisa’s many career highlights include applying custom Minx to Beyoncé for her performance at the presidential inauguration, being named “Best Manicurist” in Star Magazine’s Beauty Awards issue, creating the distinctive nail fashion for Italian Vogue’s March 2012 cover feature photographed by the legendary Steven Meisel.

Lisa has added yet another landmark to her career as she officially opened her own salon in Harlem, New York, called “The Nail Suite by Lisa Logan” where she will continue to offer her clients the newest and best in nail fashion.  Appointments can be made at

Description of Designs in the “Minx Professional by Lisa Logan 2” Collection

I Heart You: I initially created this design after working with Suri Cruise, whose mom Katie told me that
Suri’s favorite colors were pink and purple. I used these two colors to make a recurring heart design
especially for her, but I didn’t have a chance to show it to Suri. When I was deciding on designs for my
collection, I liked this one so much that I didn’t want it to go to waste, and I just switched around the
colors to make it more reflective of my style.

Jigsaw: I wanted to put together fun pieces that were clear as well as colorful to make an abstract
design that resembles a jigsaw puzzle. The clear pieces represent pieces that are missing, and I like to
think that I’m like a puzzle… you can try to figure me out, but there are always going to be some pieces
that you don’t know about. You can never totally know someone – there will always be some surprises!

Life Line Yellow: Initially I played with a lot of options with a colored moon, reverse moon, and other
ideas but when I narrowed them down I liked the line down the middle. This design is starting to be
popular with my clients, and to me it represents life, running right down the center of your being. I
chose the color combination of yellow and silver because this collection is coming out in summer, and
it’s a wonderful, bright combination.

Scribble Me Black and White: The Scribble Me design was a way for me to add my signature to my line
without including an actual logo. The handwriting is my own handwriting, and it includes my name, and
phrases like “I heart you.” I thought I would keep this in black and white as a lot of my clients want to
have fun with their nails but in a subtle way.

Scribble Me Graffiti: This is the Scribble Me design but in the color version. I love the graffiti look and
I chose a color combination that would really pop, to give a really fun version of this design.

Mumba: Tribal has become very popular in nail art and I wanted to create a tribal pattern that was
very bold. When I looked at it, I wanted to feel like I could hear the drums beating and like I wanted
to dance. My grandmother was Indian and my grandfather was from Guyana in South America, so this
tribal design also celebrates my heritage.

Tribal: Although my grandmother was Indian and my grandfather from Guyana, I myself am not very
knowledgeable about my background so this tribal design is the muted, monochromatic version that
represents myself. I have the colorful heritage, but I didn’t grow up in the culture so was influenced
only a little, as this pale design demonstrates.

Mood Swing: This design is an optical illusion and I love it! The optical illusion again represents how
people may try to figure me out, but they really don’t know me. I carry out a lot of different roles in my
life, and have many sides to my personality so what you see may not be the same thing you see a day
later! This pattern also shows the fun in trying to decipher hidden messages or riddles.

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Download @Pet_Smile

If your Instagram is full of dog pics like mine – You might like this new app called Pet Smile!

PetSmile is a free multi-platform app that let users photograph and share their pet’s adventures with thousands of pet lovers via the PetSmile Network. With its sister app, PetCamera, users can decorate their photos with effects, frames, stamps and more.

Pros: There is a menu to remind you to do tasks for your pet

There are really cute photos, similar to Twitter

It is easy to use and very interactive

Cons: Most of the users are posting in Japanese (This app is from Japan)

Some English typos like “sentense” instead of “sentence”

PetSmile’s Cute Critter Contest being launched (contest dates are July 25-September 19th, 2012)  by Japan’s leading internet service NEC BIGLOBE.

Try it out and Follow Jacob on HeyDoYou


Sand Sculptures with @RevereBeach1896

The centerpiece was a tribute to Fenway Park and its 100th year anniversary – pretty amazing work.

I went to The 9th Annual National Sand Sculpting Festival, which took place from July 12 – 15 and I have to say, some people have extraordinary talent! It’s the largest sand sculpting festival on the East Coast and draws over 500,000 spectators.

The sand sculptures were at Revere Beach, one of America’s oldest public beach located a few miles north of Boston.

Each sculptor worked from 8 – 5 and were given 12 tons of sand and an 18’ x 18’ plot. Nothing else was used except water and sand! Judging is graded in 6 categories – overall impact/wow factor, originality, degree of difficult, quality of carving, finish, and artistic impression.

Hope you enjoy some of the following pictures I took:

‘Tweet’ @RevereBeach1896 and ‘Like’ Revere Beach on Facebook (where you can check out more photos)


In the Biz: Rafael Valentino @ValentinoRafael


Where are you from/where do you live?
I’m originally from PG County, Maryland. I currently live in Brooklyn,NY. I am mixed African-American, Egyptian, and Puerto Rican.

If there was a theme song in your life, what would it be?
Drake’s  “The Calm” from his So Far Gone mixtape. This song speaks to me because he is talking about how everything is coming together and his plans to take over.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?
If I had to advise someone looking to pursue my industry (model/actor), I would tell them to do their research.
Know the top agencies, know who the top acting teachers are, and know what your plan of action is to accomplish your goals.
What is the key to being successful/to stand out in your industry?

Although I do have some very noteworthy accomplishments thus far, I have more to do in order to consider myself “successful”; But, I’ve managed to achieve some successes by networking, self-preservation, having an agent that truly believes in your goals, and patience.
Patience is imperative because nothing happens overnight. One must start somewhere with a goal in mind and progressively pursue it, daily. 

What is your favorite quote?
Tough one, I have so many. I will narrow it down to two though.
“You must do what you hate and learn to love it.” -Cus D’amato
“Win through your actions, never through argument.” -48 Laws of Power, Law 9

Where can people find you online?

People can find me online at my website:
Twitter: @ValentinoRafael
Instagram: @ValentinoRafael

@justfoodfordogs is Real Food for Dogs

JustFoodForDogs  start with the highest quality, USDA certified, restaurant grade meats, fresh vegetables and whole grains, all of which are approved for human consumption. With SO many scary dog food recalls, this sounds like an excellent option!!

They cook their homemade food for dogs, puppy foods and dog treats in small batches in their own dog kitchen and dog bakery in Newport, California. This is a critical point as it relates to quality control and commitment.

All of our healthy food for dogs recipes are prepared by cooking our all natural ingredients to the minimum allowed temperature in order to preserve the maximum nutritional value. Whole grains and fresh vegetables must be cooked to a very specific point so that nutrients are preserved and a dog’s system can still benefit from the nourishment these healthy dog food ingredients offer.

YUM!  There is not such thing as ‘human food’ and ‘dog food’ in my family. There is only FOOD. If your furry friend can’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t either. I am glad to see I am not the only one that cooks for my pooch!

Find out more on

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