Posts Written On July 18, 2012

@TIGIHaircareUSA Hair Reborn Product Review

TIGI recently released their newest hair care line, Hair Reborn, and I got to try it out!

First I learned about the new line at their flagship studio in SoHo…

TIGI Hair Reborn features highly concentrated ingredients that repair and protect the hair. The products are designed to leave even the most damaged hair smooth, healthy and frizz-free by using caring ingredients to restore hair to its natural, youthful state.

There are three different “journeys,” or collections of shampoo, conditioner and treatments for you to chose from based on your hair type ($30-$45):

  • Resurgence for dry hair
  • Awakening for week, damaged hair
  • Serenity for frizz-prone hair

The line also features a collection of “Style Treats,” styling products for use on all hair regardless of which journey you choose. Style treats include:

  • Rebuilding Wax ($30)
  • Texturizing Souffle ($30)
  • Restorative IllunminOil ($30)
  • Resurfacing Lusterizer ($30)
  • Colour Protecting Conditioning Tonic ($30)
  • Flexible Finishing Hairspray ($30)

I took home the Resurgence collection: Hydra-Synergy Shampoo, Hydra-Synergy Conditioner and Time Extend Moisture Lotion Take-Home Treatment. And the Rebuilding Wax, Restorative IlluminOil, Resurfacing Lusterizer, and Flexible Finishing Hairspray.

And here is the result…

I loved it! The shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel clean, but moisturized, and I really liked the scent. I’m partial to sulfate-free shampoos, but I felt this one was gentle even though it does contain sulfates.

The Time Extend Moisture Lotion has come to be my new best friend. It’s an instant shot of moisture as soon as it touches your hair and you only need a dollop. It made my hair smooth and tangle free.

I’ve mixed and matched the styling products, but my favorite it the Restorative IlluminOil. It’s great for adding shine and protecting hair from humidity.

TIGI Hair Reborn is an exclusive brand that can only be found in select salons. Check out TIGI’s website to find a salon near you:


The Mystery of Blue Copper 5 by @osmoticsbeauty

Copper in beauty products have brought forth incredible results. When beauty meets science in a brand like Osmotics Skincare, cool things are bound to happen.  Copper, an essential mineral for skin health, combined with collagen boosting 5-chain peptide work together at a cellular level to fortify the skin against visible signs of aging. Non-comedogenic, no artifical colors or fragrances and perfect for all skin types.

It’s mysterious to me how technology like this works on the layers of your skin. The point that caught my eye for the Blue Copper 5 Cleansing Gel is that it can safely remove eye makeup as well.   I put a bit on my Clarsonia Mia and tried it out last week. The scent is very light and the gel is a clear blue consistency. It like almost like aloe vera gel, which is one of its ingredients too.  It did remove my eye make up and left my skin feeling refreshed.  Since I turned 28 recently, I am totally down for anti aging products!

Founded by skincare pioneer Francine Porter in 1993, Osmotics Cosmeceuticals has consistently delivered groundbreaking skincare technologies, leading the way in first-to-market innovations. With an emphasis on efficacy and results, Osmotics Cosmeceuticals not only offers consumers clinically-proven treatments, but educates them as well by sidestepping industry jargon to convey its message in a clear, concise and approachable manner.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Available at select Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Henri Bendel locations, as well as independent boutiques and spas or at