Posts Written On July 15, 2012

Zoo Lates in London @zsllondonzoo

Of the many summer festivities available in London town, I think one of the most interesting is this thing called ‘Zoo Lates‘ at the London Zoo in Camden.

Every Friday you can creep in and visit all the animals that come out at night. It’s an 18+ event where you can attend a silent concert (to avoid disturbing the animals that need to go to bed) and drink and eat all you want at a variety of shops hanging out on site.

You can even get kangaroo hot dogs or get your face painted. Or just be straight out silly because looking at weird animals somehow gets a lot more interesting when you’ve got some drinks in you and there aren’t any crying babies around. Also, I tried my first plastic cup of Pimms! This cranberry liqueur mixed with fruits and lemonade. I’m not really a fan. It must be an acquired taste.

There’s only a few weeks left, so book your tickets ASAP and join in on the fun!

Xoxo, @missamandachen