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@So_Delicious Coconut Ice Cream

Summer is officially here and July is “National Ice Cream Month” – so what better way to cool off from the heat than with a delicious ice cream treat?

As you may know, So Delicious® Dairy Free has the largest selection of all natural dairy-free and egg-free “ice creams” – made from coconut milk and almond milk. Plus, we are proud to have the world’s ONLY gluten-free dairy free cookie dough “ice cream” made with coconut milk! And, with our unique line of “No Sugar Added” frozen desserts, it’s a tasty treat for folks watching their sugar intake!
Not only does ice cream taste good, but it can DO good too! This summer, we’re excited to announce that a percentage of all proceeds from our frozen dessert sales in July and August will be donated to the Brees Dream Foundation (record-breaking NFL Quarterback Drew Brees‘ foundation that supports children with cancer as well as rebuilding communities in need).

In 3 days, I am going to be in Coconut Ice Cream heaven!

So Delicious® Dairy Free, maker of an extensive line of coconut and almond milk products including beverages, frozen desserts, “yogurts” and the world’s only dairy-free, gluten-free cookie dough “ice cream,” has partnered with record breaking quarterback, Drew Brees, and his philanthropist wife, Brittany, to help raise money for the Brees Dream Foundation. Brittany and Drew Brees manage several food allergies and have been fans of So Delicious Dairy Free for years as they are both dairy intolerant.

So Delicious Dairy Free kicks off their two-month fundraiser in July, which is National Ice Cream month. During July and August, So Delicious Dairy Free will donate .75% of net sales from all of their frozen desserts to the Brees Dream Foundation. The company has pledged a minimum donation of $50,000 with an uncapped maximum donation to support Brittany and Drew’s nonprofit organization. The Brees Dream Foundation improves the quality of life for Cancer patients, and provide care, education and opportunities for children and families in need.
“Our family loves ice cream, but with dairy allergies, ice cream hasn’t always loved us,” said Drew Brees. “Brittany and I discovered So Delicious Dairy Free years ago when we started to address our own food allergies, and now we manage a household with numerous food sensitivities. Today, we have fun in our kitchen as we all wrestle over the No Sugar Added Frozen Fudge Bars.”

Brittany and Drew Brees, who were diagnosed with a number of severe food allergies in their 20’s, have been fans of So Delicious Dairy Free for several years. Despite allergies to dairy, gluten and some nuts, Drew has been able to perform as a world-class athlete over the past decade thanks in part to foods like So Delicious Dairy Free. Brittany and Drew joined forces with So Delicious Dairy Free to help spread the word about delicious foods for households managing food allergies and food sensitivities.

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The Face Saver at @Findation

One of the best things about shopping online is the number of options available. But unless you are buying a product you have tried before, you can make the mistake of getting the wrong shade foundation.  With beauty products like nail polish and lipstick sold online – It is not so bad if the pink is more pearl or shimmery than you thought or that the purple nail polish is not how you thought it would be.  But when it comes to foundation – A mismatched shade could mean wasted money and product.

Kelly Rowland has mismatched foundation on – you can see that the skin on her chest and her face do not match. It is a bit ashy.

This is a common mistake and it sucks when you are photographed with mismatched foundation.

But good thing!  A new website called – It is a website that can help you find your matching colour in ANY foundation. How do they do that? You input the brand and shades that currently match you and it finds other brands that are similar. Pretty cool right? is a global project (currently in beta), creating the world’s largest usable database of matching foundation shades. uses an algorithm to recommend similar shades, based on the matches entered by other foundation users. That means we need lots of people to tell us what foundations they use to give the best shade recommendations possible.

Check out my matches:

Save your face from mismatch foundation on

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