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Luxury Denim with “Purpose” @prpscollection

Special Guest Post by Vaitari Anderson @IAMVR7

Before there was a denim craze in the early to mid 2000’s PRPS jumped out as innovators providing “True Premium” denim.  They were very forward thinking and from the beginning sourced their cotton from Zimbabwe (known for producing the best cotton in the world) and hand-spun their selvedge denim on 19th century looms by a 5th generation Japanese family.  Almost instantly you saw the likes of David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise wearing PRPS in candid paparazzi photos.  However, PRPS not only sparked the attention of the A list celebrities but all walks of life who coveted their denim, and especially those who wanted real value for the price tag on a “premium” jean.  Fast forward to 2012 and PRPS is still making the most incredible and intricate denim in the marketplace and they have also launched PRPS Goods & Co.  PRPS Goods & Co has all of the amazing quality and is thought through just as in depth as PRPS is, however it is available at a price point that is lower than PRPS giving you a great value for the product!

I was fortunate enough to attend their 2012 Fall/Holiday editorial showing and was blown away by one of the best presentations that I have attended.  Not only were the mood boards available for press to see, but the inspiration boards along with the actual hand drawn rough sketches from the founder and creator, Donwan Harrell, were there to flip through as well.  It was interesting to see how the collections all first start by inspirations from movies such as Jaws, taking details and silhouettes that most would never notice.

The PR team from Agentry PR were very knowledgable about Fall/Holiday collection and provided me with notes for all of the key pieces. For the questions I had that went a bit deeper regarding the heritage and where the brand is heading in the future Donwan himself was there to speak with me.  It was nice to be able to talk to the creator and see the passion he still has for a brand he founded in 2002.  During our quick conversation he went into the inspiration, researching of materials, fabrics and construction of the collection.  PRPS Goods & Co is a complete collection providing top of the line denim, super value for the outerwear, unique wovens and heavy duty knits.

I was also sent a pair of Rambler PRPS Goods & Co jeans.  They are a low front rise, slim fit, with a leg opening of 15″.  I put them on and noted that they are definitely on trend and at the same time creating SERIOUS denim that rivals any of the top denim I have ever experienced.  The length is perfect I will not have to get them hemmed.  They are just long enough for a thin cuff if you would like, but not a Thom Browne where is the rest of my jean at length.  This works well if you do decide to roll the cuff up when it is hot the cuff does not get too thick as you roll up.  The denim boast details such as a raw wash, baking, hand crafted abrasions, selvedge (even on the belt loop and coin pocket), notes on the pocket bag, genuine leather logo tags and the list goes on and on.  I have to admit these jeans fit me perfectly and feel as though I have been wearing them for months.

If you are in the looking for “premium denim” and want to make sure you get your value for a pair of jeans that will outlast and outfit many of the so called “premium denim” makers out there check out PRPS Goods & Co.  They also have an amazing collection of tops that are as functional as they are fashionable.

Visit PRPS Goods & Co for more info.

PRPS Denim is made with cotton grown in Zimbabwe, know for producing the best cotton in the world, and hand-spun (on 19th Century looms) into selvedge denim by a skilled 5th generation Japanese family.

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Cruisin’ & Fine Dinin’ with @EntertainCruise @OdysseyBoston

All aboard!

The Odyssey Boston Dinner Cruise was fun, yummy and had lovely views of the city. You have views from the observation deck and from your table where you dine at your own pace.

The Odyssey departs from Rowes Wharf and for the next few hours will cruise along the Boston Harbor. The Odyssey Boston Cruise Route has more detailed information.

You will get your first course (where I chose the Caramelized Duck en Croute), followed by the main course (Orange-Ginger Glazed Salmon), and finished off with dessert (Raspberry Mousse Cup). There were enough choices to pick from and our waiter told me if I didn’t like the option I chose that I could choose another one!

Caramelized Duck en CrouteLobster BisqueRaspberry Mousse Cup & Odyssey’s Signature Decadent Chocolate Truffle Torte

In between meals you can dance (along with the live band), bring your drink up to the observation deck and enjoy the atmosphere, or you can just relax until your ready to eat next.

It also looks like they have this or a similar cruise ship in other cities as well – Baltimore, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Norfolk, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

As you depart, you have the option of buying a boarding photo that they took and I also got a chocolate covered strawberry. 🙂

‘Tweet’ to @EntertainCruise or @OdysseyBoston & ‘Like’ them on Facebook. Be sure to check out their website for other dining options and to see what else they offer on their menu!


@PaulMitchellUK Festival Kit For The Summer

It’s the summer and I’m in London, England. What’s there to do? Apparently there’s a music festival every other day and people camp out for days in tents living off booze and crackers. Coachella, you’ve been served.

But let’s not get started about the duffle bag we have to carry all our wardrobe and beauty in. This is a place where band boys are in abundance and some decency applies. Thankfully Paul Mitchell thought of creating a festival kit they like to call Style Survivor.

The kit comes with five classic Paul Mitchell favorites along with a mini brush that fit comfortably in a cute leopard print bag. Check it out:

The Conditioner: Leave-in moisturizer that you can throw on your ends but also use on your legs and skip the body lotion!

Soft Sculpting Spray Gel: This spray-gel does the trick without feeling sticky, especially since you’ll be outside all day.

Awapuhi Moisture Mist: OMG this smells amazing and you can use it on your hair, face, and even on your clothes to smooth out wrinkles!

Hold Me Tight Hairspray: A finishing spray to keep your hair in place for over 24-hours.

Fast Form Cream: Definitely a must-have to tame frizz. Use it wet or dry to smooth out your hair instantly!

Oh yeah, the kit also comes with a set of temporary tattoos for you to brand yourself without getting in too much trouble. I’m #teampaulmitchellhairspray!

But the real kicker is this super cute purple paper boom box! I think it’s absolutely adorable and for only £40 you can’t go wrong! Find the next Paul Mitchell salon near you and happy festival-ing!

Xoxo, @missamandachen