Tiny and Bursting with Goodness: Sea Buckthorn

I have heard about all the latest and greatest antioxidants on the market like pomegranate, kelp, kale, acai and all the rest. I never heard of Sea Buckthorn and this little orange berry is full of goodness. They are considered to be both food and medicine.

Many things are found in mother nature that provide excellent life giving nutrients, but something like sea buckthorn which is packed with so many varieties of nourishing and nurturing elements, is nothing short of a miracle. It is becoming one of the brightest stars in pharmaceutical and supplement industries with at least 190 nutrients including all known vitamins.

More than 2 billion years old, sea buckthorn is one of the earliest inhabitants on earth. The fine qualities are the results of its ability to withstand the changes and upheavals on this planet. Its botanical name, Hippohgae rhamnoides L, came from an ancient Greek legend: After a war, warriors let their sick and wounded horses loose. But they came back bursting with energy and health. It was traced to tree shrubs on which the horses fed upon and the trees began to be known as “trees that make horses shining”. The effective use is recorded in history in ancient China and Central Asia in which it is said to have maintained excellent health and vigor of both men and horses. In modern times it goes to space as a special food, keeping astronauts well adapted to a complex and hectic space environment.

Sea Buckthorn is known to improve the condition of your skin, nails and hair!  I am excited to start taking these everyday.  When I search on Pinterest, there are a lot of ways to ingest Sea Buckthorn including juice, jams, drinks, desserts, berries and also through soaps and body products like this one!


Find out more on http://www.seabuckwonders.com

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