Posts Written On June 25, 2012

Beach Bound with @ClaireaBellaLTD

Strap on your favorite summer sandals and head to the beach, with a fashionable and personalized BikiniaBella Beach Tote by ClaireaBella in hand!

All bags are made from natural Jute fibres (a natural fibre sourced from India), making each bag strong and eco-friendly, as well water and sand protectant!

Fully functional AND fabulous, these BikiniaBella’s are handmade to suit your summer style. By logging onto you can simply create your look by picking out the “bathing suit style” along with your skin, eye and hair color! Equipped with your name, sparkles, glitter and bows, it’s the ultimate and affordable beach bag, all under $80!

With you’re BikiniaBella bag in tow, you’ll have all you’re summer essentials so you’re ready to hit the beach, the pool, or the boardwalk!

Cheers again to @Bottlehood

With super premium vodkas and super super top shelf prices – What do you think happens to all the bottles once they are discarded?  Believe it not, they become public property!  Crafty company from California found a good use for them!  They re-purpose them into shot glasses, glass vases, jewelry, serving dishes and many many other custom pieces!

Not only does this help the environment by reusing these liquor bottles but also allows you to have a really unique gift idea for that cocktail lover in your life.

Check out the cool stuff they are doing

We are doing a Grey Goose L’Orange Mini shotglass giveaway to one lucky reader.

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