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Heidi Gardner @CreatureCouture Fall Preview

Last week I attended the fall preview for Heidi Gardner Creature Couture at Dopo Teatro in NYC. Guests sipped cocktail and nibbled on hors d’oeuvres at the private event where Heidi’s latest jewelry line was showcased.

The pieces were detailed, brass and silver creatures and skulls from a high-fashion nightmare. Stones shimmered from their eye sockets, or in some cases they had empty gazes.

I love, love all of these pieces. There were so delightfully twisted and wicked.

Prices range from $120 -$4,800.

This actually isn’t a ring. It’s a pendant for a necklace, but I just set it atop my finger because I thought it looked cool there. 🙂

Rings and things

Enjoyed meeting Heidi. She had a ton of energy!

Heidi shows off her jewels. Love that ring!

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Shackle with @ITSJEREMYSCOTT @Adidas

A new Adidas sneaker has sparked outrage, with sneaker fans accusing the brand of promoting racism. The Roundhouse Mid “Handcuff” shoe, created by controversial New York designer Jeremy Scott, features a plastic orange shackle that attaches to each ankle. The $350 sneakers hit stores in August, but Adidas promoted them on their official Facebook page on June 14 with this quote: “Tighten up your style with the JS Roundhouse Mids, dropping in August. Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?” While the brand may be making a cheeky statement about shoe theft, many are equating these binding devices with slavery and prisoners. At press time the “Handcuff” sneaker image has over 36,000 Facebook likes, but many of the comments are angry and disapproving.

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Event LOVE: Dirty Car Exhibit

I went to the Dirty Car Exhibit at Edition/Richmond gallery and was totally blown away. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I LOVED what I saw. The gallery was transformed into a unique single-day art exhibit, and we got to enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while admiring the unique artwork of world-renowned ‘dirty car artist’ Scott Wade.

…Possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a dirty car look so good!

Thanks for inviting me 🙂




Get Thick with Keranique

Women make up 40% of American hair loss sufferers, yet the issue continues to be thought of as a strictly male condition. Thinning hair can put a significant dent in a woman’s confidence, and over the years, women have tried a range of strange approaches to make their hair thicker and fuller, from huge curlers, to blow drying their hair upside down, to use of harsh chemicals, to even using raw eggs or beer as shampoo.

Want amazing thick hair that you see on Pinterest?  I do!  One of the best ways to get luscious hair is to use a hair supplement. Besides a vitamin rich diet, plenty of water, rest and happy thoughts, one of the best products on the market to kick start your hair growth into 4th gear is using Keranique Serum.

The Keranique Hair Re-Growth Treatment works to raise self-esteem by transforming thinning hair into full-bodied, luscious locks.

 Just a few drops per day to see real results.

Features 2% Minoxidil, the only FDA-approved treatment clinically-proven to help re-grow hair.

This treatment is for women with thinning hair looking for serious and long-term solutions. $25

Apply one ml. with dropper 2 times a day directly onto the scalp in the hair loss area. Using more or more often will not improve results. Continued use is necessary to increase and keep your hair re-growth, or hair loss will begin again. Must wash hands after use.

If you want to win this serum, just leave me a message on this post!



Astro Pops are Back! @LeafBrandsllc @NoUglyDuckling

This weekend, I went down to Dylan’s Candy Bar for the relaunch of Astro Pops!

These vintage candies were discontinued in 2004 and now 8 years later with a ton of hard work, they are being relaunched!

For over 40 years, Astro Pop®s have been a favorite among people all over the world. Millions of the famous pops had been sold in countries such as Italy, India, Canada, Mexico, UK and Israel. There are many websites and Facebook™ Fan Pages, touting the unusual cone-shaped pop with three different flavors as well. People are always looking for nostalgic brands that bring them back to their childhood and Astro Pop® is one of those brands that people remember, and now want to share the experience with their children.

“I’m receiving calls from all over the country as people find out Astro Pops® are coming back. It really makes their day”, Ellia Kassoff comments. “In tough times, people revert to what makes them happy and candy, (especially nostalgic candy), fill the need.”” We’re also receiving calls from candy stores everywhere, saying they still get many people walking into their store every day, asking for an Astro Pop®!” They can’t wait to stock them back on their shelves.

Astro Pops were first made in 1963 after two ‘Rocket Scientists’ working on the space program in El Segundo, Ca decided to quit their jobs and create the Astro Pop®, modeling the pop after a three-stage rocket. Being actual ‘Rocket Scientists’ they built special equipment to make the cone-wrappers at high-speed along with other equipment made by hand.  Astro Pops® were very unusual to manufacture because the cone-wrapper became the mold for the candy.  Hot candy was poured directly into the wrapper, then a paper stick was added and capped off with a layer of wax.  Astro Pops were created at the perfect time in history when the ‘Space Race’ was in full force, kids were drinking Tang® and eating Astro Pops®, dreaming of going into space. Millions and millions of Astro Pops® were sold!

Me and Tricia (VP of Marketing for Leaf Brands)


This was one of the fastest selling relaunches that Dylan’s Candy Bar has ever seen.  If you wants to share your favorite Astro Pops memory in the comments below, you can win a Astro Pops Yo-Yo!

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