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The Girl from the Naked Eye

If you loved the Watchmen, you have to check out The Girl from the Naked Eye. This film is shot in a similar comic book style and the the story involves Sandy and Jake. Jake is on a mission to solve this murder mystery of his friend/more than friends Sandy. The story of the underworld of call girls, king pins and some corrupt policemen and revenge stirs up a tasty story with twists and turns.

Jason Yee stars in this movie and also was one of the main writers. “The Girl from the Naked Eye” is a stylized thriller/ action/ romance that pays homage specifically to Pulp murder novels & Noir films of the 1940s. Jason Yee is this generation’s Eastwood playing the cool but sympathetic Jake in a story that packs mystery, action and romance in every unexpected corner. Samantha Streets fills the screen with beauty and pathos as Sandy, his doomed love. Ron Yuan (Prison Break, CSI:NY, Entourage) provides comic relief as the foul mouthed pimp Simon whom both Jake and Sandy work for. Rounding out the cast are Dominique Swain (Alpha Dog, Lolita), Gary Stretch (The Heavy, Alexander), Sasha Grey (Girlfriend Experience, Entourage) and Wilson Heredia (Rent).

This film opens June 15 nationwide.


Get Swimsuit ready this summer with @lovemissjackson

Instead of checking out your favorite department store for swimsuits this year why not check out these classy yet daring swimsuits debuting in the Lovelorn Assassin Collection by Lisa Jackson . They will be available starting today! Make sure that you get your hands on these gorgeous swimsuits quick so you can get them in your suitcase in-time for your summer vacations.


These creative & attention grabbing swimsuits are deffinetly for the extrovert. Heads will be turning by the pool-side, beach, and anywhere else they are seen.

This particular swimsuit is my absolute favorite (above). I love the cutouts and the color. When first saw the cutouts they looked like bows. I LOVE BOWS. They are dainty and girly. Also, the cut is very form fitting so it will flatter your curves everywhere. The high-waisted bottoms will also add some length to your legs, as well.

The Lovelorn Assassin collection presale starts June 15th, 2012, with 20% off the first 50 orders with code LOVELORN20.

Items will ship by July 16th, 2012

You can get the collection here.

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Tiny and Bursting with Goodness: Sea Buckthorn

I have heard about all the latest and greatest antioxidants on the market like pomegranate, kelp, kale, acai and all the rest. I never heard of Sea Buckthorn and this little orange berry is full of goodness. They are considered to be both food and medicine.

Many things are found in mother nature that provide excellent life giving nutrients, but something like sea buckthorn which is packed with so many varieties of nourishing and nurturing elements, is nothing short of a miracle. It is becoming one of the brightest stars in pharmaceutical and supplement industries with at least 190 nutrients including all known vitamins.

More than 2 billion years old, sea buckthorn is one of the earliest inhabitants on earth. The fine qualities are the results of its ability to withstand the changes and upheavals on this planet. Its botanical name, Hippohgae rhamnoides L, came from an ancient Greek legend: After a war, warriors let their sick and wounded horses loose. But they came back bursting with energy and health. It was traced to tree shrubs on which the horses fed upon and the trees began to be known as “trees that make horses shining”. The effective use is recorded in history in ancient China and Central Asia in which it is said to have maintained excellent health and vigor of both men and horses. In modern times it goes to space as a special food, keeping astronauts well adapted to a complex and hectic space environment.

Sea Buckthorn is known to improve the condition of your skin, nails and hair!  I am excited to start taking these everyday.  When I search on Pinterest, there are a lot of ways to ingest Sea Buckthorn including juice, jams, drinks, desserts, berries and also through soaps and body products like this one!


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Orbee Mazee @planetdog1997

We did a great giveaway to 2 of our readers dogs to test out the Orbee Tuff Mazee last month and the reviews are in!

#1 We gave the Raspberry one to Chance (10 year old Yellow Lab from West Village Manhattan)

This was a housewarming present for Chance (His owner recently sublet my apartment).  I thought this would be a a great toy for Chance because he is an adult dog who might find this fun.  Being a lab, he is also driven by his nose and the treats would prove to be a great incentive for him to play with this puzzle.   I obviously under estimated Chance and thought the Mazee would ‘challenge him’ because I got this text from his owner shortly after.  Oh SILLY DOG!  You are suppose to figure it out, not tear it open!

#2 – The Green Ball was given to 7 month old TAMU an Australian Heeler pup from Fort Greene Brooklyn.

Tamu was immediately in love with the minty smell, the bouncy ball and of course the treats inside. She spent at least 15 mins rolling the ball around the room with her nose, pawing it and sitting down with her face on it. She love the intricate puzzle and used all her puppy senses she had to figure out how to get the treat!  Playing with the Mazee is a daily ritual now for Tamu and she can get the treats out in less than 3 mins now. The best part is that this ball is easy to clean with some warm water and soap.

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