Posts Written On June 12, 2012

biKa Swimwear

Looking for a new, smokin’ hot bikini for the summer? Check out these 100% handmade swimsuits from biKa Swimwear‘s new Rajasthan Collection. With celeb fans like Maria Menundos, Mariah Carey, and Eva Longoria, they’re definitely head turners.

The suits are super unique and perfect dressed up with some cute accessories and heels or worn alone. Check them out on their website! Suits start at $160, a little pricey but worth it for the detailing and handmade quality. Happy shopping 🙂


F.O.A.M Festival Toronto @FOAM_TO

I got an invite to the F.O.A.M Festival, and was so excited to check it out, especially because this was my first one and I heard there’d be lots of artwork and good music from local artists…oh and lots of SMORES to snack on!! Even though the weather was TERRIBLE, I had a good time checking out the art, snacking on smokes, and having a good laugh with ReeRee and Nathaniel. All in all, it was a good night 🙂


Thank you for inviting me!



Eric Benet @EBenet Album Launch: The One

On Thursday, just two days after his new album The One dropped, Eric Benét serenaded us with one of the singles, “Harriett Jones,” at his private event, album release party at Porsche Design New York Soho. We were also treated to an oldie but goody, “Georgy Porgy.’

Distributed by EMI, Benét’s new album includes his traditional falsetto sound, plus a little funk, soul, up-tempo R&B–even some country. I features artists like Lil Wayne and Shaggy, a duet with his first daughter India Benét, and a lullaby written for his new baby girl Lucia Bella!

The party was sponsored by Ty Ku, premium sake.

Jeff Johnson, TV journalist and motivational speaker introduced Benét.

Rose Loves Fashion

The One is available on iTunes and Amazon.


Wine, dine, & watch movies with @ChunkysCinemas

I have gone to Chunky’s a few times now and love it every time. They play current movies and will also play older ones. You pick a table to sit at (where they have old-fashioned, leather, reclining car seats!), page the table light when you are ready to order, sit back and relax while you wait for your food & enjoy the movie!

It’s a fun experience with friends, family, a loved one, or all of the above! Their menu is also fun-filled with food items named like Wizard of Ozzarella Sticks, Popeye’s Spinach Queso Dip, Kevin Bacon Burger, Tom Hanks Burger, Fantastic Four Turkey Sandwich, Dumbledore’s Hot Apple Dumpling, and Gryffindor House Special! Check out the full menu online for the other names.

You can choose from 3 locations, which are in Nashua, NH, Pelham, NH and Haverhill, MA.

‘Like’ Chunky’s Cinema Pub on Facebook!

PS: Two thumbs up that you can page the table light during the movie if you want more food, dessert, or another drink!


Go Nuts with @SanteNuts !

Candied, spiced, sweet, or savory, who doesn’t love a little crunch? Santé‘s delicious array of packaged nuts have become my go-to add on to almost any dish. Their convenience makes them great for snacking, and their flavor makes for great recipe add-ons! I adore their candied variety; it adds a subtly sweet crunch to my favorite salads.

Their also great for taking on the go! The 1 oz packaging is perfect to stick into a lunch bag or purse. I keep a bag in the glove compartment of my car for when I’m in a rush with no time for breakfast.

Available in nine assorted flavors — Chipotle Almonds, Garlic Almonds, Cardamon Cashews, Candied Pecans (LOVE), Cinnamon Pecans, Roasted Salted Pecans, Sweet and Salty Pecans, Candied Pistachios, and Candied Walnuts.

Their website also has a list of easy recipes and serving ideas that’s definitely worth checking out.

How do you enjoy Santé Nuts?