Posts Written On June 07, 2012

@Krochetkids : Perfect Fathers Day Gift!

For all of us procrastinators, it’s really time to start thinking about what you want to buy your Dad this year for Father’s Day. It’s only 10 days away!! My dad always tells me, that it is important to help the needy and that he would rather me give charity with the money that I would have spent on him.

When I saw these adorable pastel colored bow-ties (PASTEL ALERT!! – who says dads can’t be rocking the spring trend too?) all I thought was, “Wow! these are so cute!” I was even more excited when I found out what Krochet Kids Int. was all about. Get this: Krochet Kids is a non profit organization that helps end poverty in developing nations by teaching them how to knit and crochet adorable products, educate them and give them the tools they need to plan for their future.

These bow-ties are perfect for Father’s Day! Think about it…. You are helping women in Uganda, Africa and you are getting your dad a super trendy bow-tie. This might even be great for a gift for your older brother.

These bow-ties retail for $21.95 and each of the bow-ties is hand-crafted and signed by the woman that made it. These bow-ties definitely opt for a more trendy & preppy look. Not only do they come in 2 gorgeous pastel colors, baby blue and orange but they also have a navy and white striped one which works for the nautical trend. For the more serious occasion they have a navy and a mauve crocheted bow-tie perfect for a wedding or work event.

This is a quick outfit I put together for a casual look using the bow-tie on Polyvore.


Stuck on Weldbond: D.I.Y Fun Pt. Two

I finally finished the second shoe! If it wasn’t for “The Fabric Treatment” post, and my receiving the Weldbond glue, I probably wouldn’t have tried this, so thank you to Mo for the inspiration, and thank you to Weldbond glue for a glue that makes D.I.Y. projects easy and fun… and I had a lot of fun doing this, especially because I thought the end result would be disastrous lol. I was chuckling and doing a little happy dance every time I successfully glued a piece of fabric to the shoe. In fact, I had so much fun, I’ve already started working on some other D.I.Y. projects…

I just gotta give them a quick wipe, and they’ll be perfect!

If you have any home renovation plans or up coming art/d.i.y. projects, I would totally recommend Weldbond glue. It’s not only good for glueing, but can also be used for sealing, priming AND it’s water resistant. Weldbond glue can also be used a wide variety of surfaces and projects such as glass, wood, plaster, metals, tiles, building panes, ceramic, cement, brinks, fabrics (obviously) and more!

You can find Weldbond glue at your local Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Lowes, Home and Hardware, and Michaels craft stores. Get you some!

Thanks for the glue!


… did I mention that it’s environmentally friendly AND it’s created and made in Canada!


Decadent and Delightful @CucinaFresca

City-dwellers know first hand how hectic life can get, and sometimes all you need is a relaxing evening in, with a big bowl of comfort food–mac & cheese anyone? Cucina Fresca’s line of gourmet mac and cheeses have me drooling, with an assortment of flavors including Sharp Cheddar, Smoked Gruyere, Tangy Gorgonzola, and Creamy Fontina. After trying the Smoked Gruyere flavor at Food Fete this week, I wanted to run to my local Whole Foods grocery store and stock up my freezer!

After a long day, the last thing I want to do is cook myself a meal from scratch. I love the  home-cooked taste of Cucina Fresca Mac and Cheese after only 10 minutes in the microwave or the oven. It’s even a great base for flavorful skillet recipes and casseroles! I’m excited to try this Asparagus and Corn Skillet Recipe that I found on the website >>

1 Cucina Fresca Mac and Cheese Entrée
2 Tbl extra virgin olive oil or butter
1 bunch fresh asparagus, chopped
2 ears white corn or 1/2 cup frozen
1/2 red bell pepper, diced
1 clove garlic, chopped
salt & fresh cracked pepper, to taste

Thaw the Mac and Cheese in the microwave until warm, about 4 minutes. Place olive oil in sauté pan over medium heat, add asparagus, corn, red bell pepper and garlic. Sauté for about 5 minutes until all vegetables are cooked, mainly the asparagus. Stir in the Mac and Cheese.

4 – 6
Top with crabmeat or shrimp!

The ultimate guilty pleasure, frozen dinners never tasted so good 🙂



Guilty Pleasures, Everyone Has Them @bakedbymelissa

Baked by Melissa
Baked by Melissa (Photo credit: missmeng)

I can thank my boss for this one… not two long ago the girls at the office I work at were kind enough to introduce me to this slice of heaven on earth, known as Baked By Melissa!  This precious cupcake company is based in New York City, but do ship nationwide (great news if I ever decide to move)!

An absolute treat. These small but cute cupcakes melt in your mouth with their sweet sugar taste! The best part?…You can’t get enough, and since their so mini you don’t have to feel bad when you finish the entire box in one sitting (guilty). Personal favorites were: Mint Chocolate Chip, Tie Dye, Red Velvet, and Cookie Dough!

Baked by Melissa
Baked by Melissa (Photo credit: missmeng)
So where does this leave me now? Craving them in my sleep… (thanks guys!) Until we meet again cupcakes Baked by Melissa and the sooner the better 🙂
Getting hungry just writing about them…

@DisneyPictures Does it Again!

As a child growing up Disney Movies were my life. I would sit there on the couch and watch all the movies over and over again. I loved how simple they are. To this day, when I just want to watch a movie and not have to think so hard about the plot, the first thing I go to is the Disney Movie Collection. My favorites being Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast.

Disney is known for their girly Princess movies. Well, contrary to what you might think, this next movie is actually perfect for both genders. The name is , Wreck-it Ralph. The main character, Ralph, a video game character  is sick of being the bad guy next to Felix, the hero of the game. To try and prove he can be a hero he leaves the video game. He ventures off onto a journey through all the arcade games to just prove he is  a hero too. But when he unleashes a deadly villain that threatens the entire Arcade, will he be able to be the hero he wants to be?

On his journey he meets different characters and joins them in their specific games. Some of the pictures are from different games Ralph travels too.

The voice of Wreck-it Ralph is played by John C. Reilly, the voice of Fix-it Felix is played by Jack McBrayer, the voice of Sergeant Calhoun is yours truly, Jane Lynch from glee. These are just few of the many voices of video game characters throughout the movie.

I’m so excited for this movie to come out in November. When I saw the WRECK-IT RAPLPH trailer I was amazed, Disney has done it again! This movie will be available in Disney Digital 3D too.

This movie is definitely going to be added to my Disney Movie Collection.