Posts Written On June 06, 2012

Summer @FoodFete: A Smashing Success

Food Fete Summer was amazing!  Even though the weather was nothing ‘summer like’ – the energy of all the exhibitors got me very excited for summer and all the yummy foods to look forward to.  With over 50 brands available, Fatema and I will highlight some of the vendors that caught my eye and will post about each of them throughout summer.

Here is what you missed:

“A sampling of what you’ll experience includes artisan cheeses and butters, chocolates, snacks, sauces, frozen desserts, crackers, ocean raised salmon, lamb and more.”

So unbelievably yumm from @RWGarciaSnacks

Nutrition expert Julie Daniluk with Hemp Hearts (Lil Raspberries on a Fig boat!)

Who knew Minute Rice could be so delicious? Coconut sticky rice made from Minute Rice

Mini chicken and waffles!

Wafer thin cookies that are just perfect for everything from @34degrees

See you at the next FOOD FETE!


Stylish and Comfy…What more can you ask for?

With this summer breeze of an outfit, you can be caught shopping, doing errands, or even just lounging around- can you truly ask for more in an outfit? 



Sweet Touch of Summer Breeze

Madewell block top
$40 –

Orthaheel flat shoes
$90 –

Elliott Lucca clutch handbag
€112 –
Personally, what sold me were the stylish yet comfortable Orthaheel sandals made for the girl on the move! Now you can be at ease with your feet without cramping your style 🙂

DIE ANTWOORD – Baby on Fire @bitchinjunkfood Smiley Shorts

Get the look: Yo-Landi Vi$$er

Baby On Fire

Glamorous button down shirt
£18 –

Wildfox Couture cotton shorts
£139 –

NIKE flat shoes
$117 –

Backpack bag
$23 –

Juicy Couture silicone watch
$95 –

Golden Classic silicone watch
$21 –

RumbaTime jelly watch
$28 –

Die Antwoord’s latest music video has hit the web and the South African rap-rave crew comprised of Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er take us on a fictionalized peek into family dynamics in Guateng, South Africa. “Baby’s On Fire” depicts the duo as brother and sister; Ninja shows his protective side as he goes after Yo-Landi’s suitors but in true zef style Yo-Landi knocks Ninja’s teeth out and goes in for the kiss with her motorcycle-riding prince. Highlights of the video, directed by NINJA and Terence Neale, include pastel/neon art direction, smiley-face cut off shorts, and the crew ghost-riding a BMW as Yo-Landi dances and raps in her undies.

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