Posts Written On May 27, 2012

Pantone Lips with @YBCosmetics

As the official color of 2012, PANTONE is taking the summer season by storm in every way. From the runway to the red carpet, its hard not to notice the flood of this reddish tangerine shade wherever you turn.

So, take the tangerine tint to your lips with YoungBlood “Tangelo” lipstick! YB Cosmetics is known for its mineral powder foundations, and their lipsticks follow suit with a lanolin-free formula and  a special blend of natural oils and vitamins.

 Tangelo is the perfect punch of orange and goes great with cool tones like purples, greens, and blues. ( PLUS, it doubles as a under-eye primer 😉 )

Check it out on and order your Tangelo lip color for $19.00