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Giving My Next Paycheck to @Threadsence

If you shop like me and love my style, your favorites probably include Urban Outfitters, ASOS and SaboSkirt.

I just found a new place to spend my $$ 🙂  Check out Threadsence.

There really isn’t anything I didn’t like on the entire site – so basically I loved it all.  Here are some of my MUST haves for the summer.

Check it out.

See more amazingness at



Perfect Summer Skin with @MiracleSkin

As a child, my grandmother used to cure all my season-round sicknesses with old Indian remedies, many of them including honey. One that really works for sore throats is a blend of honey and turmeric. So, since I’ve experienced the powers of honey personally, I’m to excited share the the benefits that Sarah McNamara, owner of  Miracle Skin Transformer, an Australian skin care brand, has used in the products,  using the healing powers of honey as well.

The new ingredient for healthy glowing summer skin is Manuka Honey from Australia. It is made from bees that drink nectar from the Manuka Bush native to New Zeeland and southern Australia. Miracle Skin Transformer is the company bottling this unique ingredient in the form of a  healing balm and a cleanser. Unless you live in Australia, this is probably the best way to get your dose of Manuka Honey. Manuka honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties 100 times stronger than all other honeys. It also has health benefits like no other honey. It not only has digestive  benefits but also topical benefits: healing wounds, burns, acne, athlete’s foot, sunburn, chapped or cracked lips, sores, and skin irritations.

This honey is available by the bottle as well. However, most of the ones I found are at least $40+.  Miracle Skin Transformer is incorporating this fantastic honey into a HydroActive Cleanser and Heal Everything Balm, both for under $30. According to the brand the Heal Everything Balm (shown above) is perfect for this summer. It can be used after Sun exposure, irritated skincaused by waxing, shaving, or other treatment, to alleviate irritation from bug-bites, burns, or stings, and to reduce irritation and redness caused by chaffing and other sports related activities. It is especially great for sensitive skin. This product will be available starting August for $26  at Sephora stores nationwide &  Sephora Online, Bergdorf Goodman, NY, Nordstrom Online, and the company website.

The next product that has the powerful, Manuka Honey is the NewHydroActive Cleanser(shown above) which retails for $24 and is available on the Home Shopping Network online, Sephora online and the company website. The cleanser effectively removes oils, makeup,  and dirt while still maintaining the skins natural moisture levels.Theproduct has a whipped texture but when mixed with water turns into a soothing foamy texture. The cleanser is infused with M3 Complex, Manuka Honey, Vitamins, and EcoPhysalis.



NYC loves @Amandalewkee

NEW YORK, New York (May 18th, 2012) —

On Friday, May 18th, 8pm AMANDALEWKEE screened a virtual runway at The Tribeca Grand to an intimate private collective of industry professionals and the cultured cool.

AMANDALEWKEE Fall’12 was inspired by the constructed femininity of the 1940s with the casual effortless attitude of American sports wear. Lew Kee also references to the game of chess, specifically the knight and the modern methodical structure of the game- a game of patience and strategy. The presentation this season was titled THE DESIGN OF THE DESIGNER. “I believe that there is no better representation to a brand than the designer them selves. Ultimately a show is executed to sell what the designer has produced. I want my market to know who I am and share the importance on personal distinction” the designer proclaimed pre-show. This season Lew Kee found her bearings as a designer and strongly feels that what she has created is true to what she believes and represents; Luxury, elegance, and ease.

Focusing on her strongest trait of blending texture, Lew Kee designed a tight and concise collection (10 looks total). From the use of leather, stretch cotton blend, power mesh, wool boucle, cashmere and fox fur, the designer executed jackets, tops, bottoms, and easy to wear dresses. During one of Lew Kee’s short visit to New York the virtual runway has been curated by Yadira Martinez; Grand Life Hotel’s director of social events and promotions. After meeting Lew Kee Wednesday night in Super Linda’s basement lounge the two quickly connected and decided that no time should be wasted and that the film would be a complimentary fit for The Tribeca Grand.

Screened in the saloon, the virtual runway uses an interactive dual film projection to create a format that interprets a technological presentation. When asked about the choice of this style Lew Kee responded, “Design is innovation. The exciting part of creating is the inception of new realities; where inspiration is developed and evolved. With fashion films on the rise, it was a no brainer to combine the two formats of presentation. With the elevation of digital-aid there are no limits as to how advanced we will evolve as human beings. The limitless possibilities allow for creation. Why not present in a format that encompasses the brand’s enthusiasm for technology and innovation. A presentation that entices the eyes and the mind while creating an open school of thought. It’s viral, it’s portable, it’s direct”.
A dual screen format allows for flexibility of depth, the Toronto screening was shown in a L shaped format. The Virtual Runway can be viewed from the comfort of a buyer or editor’s desk using two devises (i.e. ipad, iphones, projectors) and simply streaming the film it is as readily available as pressing play.

AMANDALEWKEE is a high end women’s ready-to-wear lifestyle brand inspired by the versatility of street fashion and the effortless comfort of athletic wear. Focused on a polished, metropolitan, it girl look, the brand has consistently produced a cult like following. Main wardrobe pieces that individualize the brand are: tailored jackets, comfortable fashion separates, and the layering of sheer fabrics. Amanda has worked closely with the entertainment industry, creating signature looks with HBO’s series TRUE BLOOD, and has dressed Miss Piggy, Shenae Grimes, and Keri Hilson to name a few. She has hosted Toronto’s hottest fashion events with the likes of Tommy Ton, Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2, as well as The Misshapes. Publications such as Nylon Magazine, Teen Vogue, i-D Magazine, Flare Magazine, E-Talk, and Fashion Television have recognized Amanda Lew Kee as a promising young Designer to follow.

On behalf of The Tribeca Grand and AMANDALEWKEE, we would formally like to thank you for your cross border support.
Contact for further inquires.


French Kiss My @GlitzyLips

Eye-popping lip foil designs won’t fade, flake or foul for 8 Hours!. Flirt, kiss, sip, dance and dip. ~Lips That POP Make the Party ROCK!™

I am super into these!  I first saw these at the Makeup Show in NYC and was blown away! A better version of Violent Lips in my opinion but the same concept.  Just as traditional nail polish is to the new strips and decals – so is Lipstick and lip gloss to these kinds of ‘lip tattoos’.

I love them! At $29.99 each make sure it’s a special occasion when you wear them.

HOW TO APPLY GlitzyLips™
Start with clean dry lips free of lip stick or gloss.
Measure LipFoil so that you have enough to create the perfect pout.(top/bottom)

Shake GlitzyLips™ Adhesive . Start with lips in the AHHH position and slightly stretched into a smile .
Apply liberally to the lips leaving a blueish/white appearance.

When GlitzyLips™ Adhesive has dried to a clear state, apply LipFoil to slightly parted lips, smoothing over foil to ensure good
surface contact. Be sure to apply LipFoil to the lip you applied adhesive to first.

Quickly remove LipFoil from one side to the other. Repeat to complete your perfect pout.

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