@BariBeauty – Pure Ice in Strapless & No Means No

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint my nails in only glitter or mix two colors together so I did both.

Pure Ice Strapless is a blue glitter that will make your nails sparkle. You will have to put on a few thick layers but in the end it’s totally worth it.

On my other hand I put two light layers of No Means No (blog I did on No Means No recently) and dabbed Strapless on with a makeup sponge (I put more glitter on the tip of the nails so that way you can still see the other polish).

I like Strapless on by itself but I also think it’s a great product to play around with other polish colors! One last thing that’s not in the picture is to add a clear polish to accentuate the glitter & color.

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