Posts Written On April 28, 2012

Wearable ART!

“Her collections flirt with the boundaries of convention, and exploit materials one might believe to have been invented especially for her.”

I was over at the PR Department offices this week, and couldn’t help but notice the AMAZING (and fun) jewellery by designer Anne Marie Chagnon.

Anne began creating her own jewellery and established her company in 1995, and is also a graduate of the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Quebec in Montreal.

these bracelets were giving me life!

love  these earrings.

ugh yes.

“…unique designs, eye catching manifestations from a mysterious world of beauty from beyond.” AGREED.

Where has this jewellery been all my life!



@BariBeauty – Pure Ice in Strapless & No Means No

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint my nails in only glitter or mix two colors together so I did both.

Pure Ice Strapless is a blue glitter that will make your nails sparkle. You will have to put on a few thick layers but in the end it’s totally worth it.

On my other hand I put two light layers of No Means No (blog I did on No Means No recently) and dabbed Strapless on with a makeup sponge (I put more glitter on the tip of the nails so that way you can still see the other polish).

I like Strapless on by itself but I also think it’s a great product to play around with other polish colors! One last thing that’s not in the picture is to add a clear polish to accentuate the glitter & color.

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