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@MadMen_AMC Recap: Mystery Date

Oh, what a tease. Joan’s (Christina Hendricks) husband Greg (Sam Page) comes back from Vietnam only to tell us he’ll be gone for another year. Of course, he volunteered to go back knowing he’s got a family and Joan is not having it. I don’t blame her — she didn’t plan to be a military wife. She has no control over her mother, her job and now her husband. What’s going on with Big Red? I didn’t expect them to break up this quickly. At least give me a few more episodes with Sam Page!

On another note, Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) definitely knows how to hold her own at the office. When Roger (John Slattery) comes to her to write a corporate plan for Mohawk in spite of Pete (Vincent Kartheiser), she hustles $400 out of him. But it doesn’t look like she’s getting much out of it. After buddying up with the new receptionist, she reveals some thoughts about ‘acting like a man’ at work. “I tried, but I don’t know if I have it in me. I don’t know if I want to.”

It looks like the new copywriter Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman) is doing anything but the Mohawk project, and killing it. He’s dealing with Don (Jon Hamm) in a completely contemporary way that even Don can’t figure out. Maybe he’s just naive, but it looks like this guy’s going far with his disregard for authority.

Also, we’re finally getting back to some classic Don Draper psychoanalysis. He’s caught with an ex-booty call Andrea in the elevator with Megan (Jessica Pare). He’s deliriously sick and imagines having an affair with Andrea and choking her to death saying, “You won’t ruin this.” But he imagined it, so he could be the same old Don, with his notorious appetite for casual sex. Who knows?



Byu-ti Salon Brentwood – New Opening

Byuti-Salon-BrentwoodIf you’re in LA and looking for a new salon, check out @BYUTISALON‘s newest location in Brentwood. Just a tidbit about Byu-ti Salon (pronounced beauty). It’s the second Pureology salon launched by Natasha Sunshine-Antonioni, first being in Santa Monica. Natalie, who has with with celebs like Ivanka Trump, Kimora Lee Simmons, Stephanie Seymour, and Molly Sims, truly believes in Giving Goodness to her clients. What sets Byu-ti apart from others is their incorporating of wholesome ingredients and a healing and restoring aspect to their services. Along with their core focus on education, Byu-ti Salon is known for being a sustainable salon and is a member of Santa Monica’s Sustainable Works Organization.


Some unique services they offer include, but are not limited to:

The Healing Haircut: Equal parts restorative meditation and beauty treatment, a Healing Haircut combines a cut with massage, reiki, and acupressure. The treatment begins with a question to the client: what would you like to let go of? Next, he/she is asked to imagine giving up that something with the cutting away of hair. The healing portion of the process follows, and then the cutting begins.

Custom-Blended Reparative Treatments: The ByuTi team specializes in creating healthy hair. Just as each client is unique, each treatment is specifically formulated to give him/her the greatest results possible. ByuTi Blender treatments are available to help smooth hair, thicken fine or limp hair, add shine to dull locks, rebuild protein in weak or damaged hair, repair over-processed hair and to help fight oily hair. Clients can choose between one or multiple blenders to bring their hair to the fullest health and quality.

Men’s Grooming: Not just for women, ByuTi makes the salon process comfortable for men, while delivering the latest in men’s grooming.



I got the opportunity to try a haircut and a Blender treatment. As you can see, they used three different blenders on my hair to help restore shine in my hair, repair my over-processed ends, and smooth out my coarse strands. I thought the process for the blender treatment was super cool. They use this steam machine they call the Micromist that encloses your head and steams open the cuticles and lets product soak in then shoots your hair with a blast of cold air to seal the cuticles and product into the hair shaft. It felt amazing! Imagine hot steam and a cool mask if you were getting a facial.



Check out the before and after my cut and treatment. Adios dry, dead ends, HELLLLLO healthy hair!

You can find the Byu-ti Salon at:

11740 San Vicente Blvd, Suite 203, Brentwood, CA 90049


Or check them out online

If your hair is as color-treated and heat damaged as mine, I highly recommend you trying a blender treatment. So far, i’m loving how my hair looks and feels. And when I asked my wonderful stylist, Lee, how long it’d last he said about 3-4 months! That seems like forever in my opinion 🙂 Let me know if you mosey your way over to Byu-ti Salon and how it goes!

xo, June 🙂


Hot and Steamy @iyashibedrckspa

Get rolling at Iyashi Rock Spa!  I went to visit for a Rock Bathing and a Hot Yin Yoga class and boy was it hotter than ever!  The owner of Iyashi, Norma invited me to come check out the first Ganbanyoku (Rock Bathing) spa in North America.  It was really beautiful.  The intense rock beds and the yoga class (all sitting poses) was crazy. I have never sweated like that before!

Iyashi have been quoted as being one of the top 5 unique spas in the world, by New Beauty Magazine, rated 10/10 for relieving stress from Toronto Life Magazine, Iyashi Bedrock Spa transports you to Japan as you lay down on our Japanese imported black silica bedrocks and sweat your stress, toxins, and calories away.  

 Melanie Haiken, from Forbes magazine, reported that Ganbanyoku was one of her five fave health and wellness-boosting spa trends and said she experienced the deepest most relaxing nap of her life.   Nikki Baley, from UKs’ said “I felt incredibly euphoric after the treatment, and this feeling lasted for hours.”In addition to our signature Rock Bathing treatments, we also are the only spa in North America offering restorative Hot Yin Yoga classes on Ganbanyoku stone beds. We call it ‘Ganban-Yoga’. 

This is unlike any other Yoga experience.   

This is a perfect place to relax after a hectic week.  The heat is great for detoxing your skin, muscle relaxation and just a totally new experience.

Rain style showers!
Iyashi is located right across from Sporting Life north of Eglinton on Yonge.

Iyashi Bedrock Spa 2662 Yonge Street. Toronto, ON  M4P 2J5