Posts Written On April 07, 2012

Democratic or Republican? @JunkFoodTees

Junk Food Clothing is introducing a capsule collection of unconventional political campaign tees, encouraging partisanship and exploiting hot button issues… They have tapped into the subconscious of pop culture to provide a forum for people to express themselves in unconventional ways; like wearing a heart on your sleeves, Junk Food encourages consumers to wear their message on their chest.”

The tees can be purchased online on the Junk Food Clothing website, and the price range is $30-$38.

From the looks of things, this collection is for the boys, but that doesn’t mean that girls can’t rock em!

Thanks to Junk Food Clothing for sharing this with us.



Try @HarneyTea

Spring Season Blooming Tea from Harney & Sons is just the perfect drink for a spring day!  These are so cool to look at and an easy way to wow guests.

Blooming Teas are beautiful and considered and ‘art tea’.

When steeped, a large Calendula and a flurry of Osmanthus flowers bloom in the pot. The Osmanthus adds a distinctive apricot flavor to this pleasant tea.

Get this and others for $12 at