Le cuteness Day Four and Five @WMCFashionWeek

The weather was fantastic during fashion week, which allowed everyone to dress how they wanted to dress without worrying about freezing their asses off. I loved all the street style this season, while some were all dressed up, others were just kinda chilled and laid back, but everyone looked cute!

She looked fly EVERYDAY

Justine looked gorgeous! LOVE those glasses

and that skirt!

The lovely @AshleyMcKenzieBarnes & @KarlynPercil

love this pic

bird love!

Jacqui is the cutest!

Another one of Melissa’s lovely hats

hey girl!

Hawley is always lovely 🙂

oooh girl 🙂

Noelly 🙂

Hey girl hey! @backstagelife

lovely to see miss Kaycee Leigh again 🙂

love those glasses!


love this @Frshlyedumen

Donisha Pendergast (grand daughter of Bob and Rita Marley)

love the earring!

lovely 🙂

peace and love


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