Cheffin’ up with @TheArtisanal Kitchen

I’ve been trying to say no to toasted bagels and cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and saying yes to making a nice home cooked meal instead. This is why I was pleased to receive the Three Olives Olive Oil by The Artisanal Kitchen, as I had no choice but to cook if I wanted to try it out. So far I’ve made fried rice, drizzled some over my spaghetti, and more!

About Three Olives Olive Oil:

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Beautifully Mellow & Fruity in Taste

Simply Perfect for Cooking, Dipping & Dressing

Certified Grown & Produced on One California Estate, for Ultimate Quality Control

Unfiltered for Optimal Flavor & Low in Acidity (Below 0.5%)

Good For You

Thanks to The Artisanal Kitchen for sharing this with me 🙂


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