@BariBeauty – Pure Ice in Taupe Drawer Swatch



Helllo! I’m here with the second @BariBeauty post featuring another Pure Ice polish in Taupe Drawer. Don’t be fooled by the name. This is actually a mauve, pinkish, purpleish color. I probably would never have picked a color like this before because it seems like one of those shades that’s adorable in the bottle but horrid as a nail color BUT I was wrong. This is such a cute color and I’ve been getting a million and one compliments on it. This color though, unlike the previous one I tried, takes a bit of patience to put on.


Three thin coats later…

Yes, I painted three coats of this baby. I had actually painted my nails this same color three different times because I had meant to take photos earlier but failed because I’ve been so busy. The reason why it took three coats is because for some reason, this polish/color can get splotchy if you don’t let the coats completely dry and if you don’t paint each stroke carefully. Not to mention, three coats got me the perfect hue that I was looking for. Experiment for yourself… perhaps you’re better at painting your nails than I am. Perhaps (more than likely) you’re more patient with painting your nails than I am.

GREAT winter to spring shade. It’s pretty enough for the warm, sunny weather but not so bright that you can’t wear it at night or in gloomy, chilly weather. Purchase your bottle of Taupe Drawer here 🙂

xo, June

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