@BariBeauty – Pure Ice Vinyl Remix in Platinum and Vintage Remix

Third post in my @Baribeauty series 🙂

Pure-Ice-Crackle-Platinum-and-Vintage Remix

This duo comes with two colors… Platinum (white) and Vintage Remix (black). I made sure to buff the tops of my nails to get rid of ridges then applied two coats of the white to make sure it was evenly distributed. PS don’t mind the messy white… cleaned up after I was done O:)

Pure-Ice-Crackle-Platinum-and-Vintage Remix

A coat of the black one which turns into a black/purple finish. As you can see the Platinum Magic Base Coat ‘white’ part turns into a light purple lavender color and the Vinyl Remix part stays black.

You can purchase your Pure Ice Vinyl Remix duo and the rest of Bari Cosmetics’ polishes here 🙂 ENJOY!

xo, June 🙂

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