Posts Written On March 30, 2012

New Fragrance by @Rihanna

Rebelle is the second fragrance by popstar Rihanna, to be launched this Spring2012. Although I’m not a fan of celebrity fragrances, I was pleasantly surprised by the fruity/floral-y scent of Rebelle.  A brighter scent than its darker, deeper counterpart Reb’l Fleur, this perfume hits undertones of strawberry, ginger, plum, cacao, coffee and musk. I love the fresh smell of it that lingers as you pass, and it’s the perfect go-to scent for this season!



Say GOODBYE to dry skin with @VaselineBrand

When it comes to skincare, I like to keep it simple, but I’m also VERY particular. My routine consists of black soap and raw shea butter, however, I recently ran out of shea butter, and haven’t had much time to go pick some up. Lucky for me, I received the new Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion, so my worries of becoming an ashy larry were put to rest! The new Total Moisture Lotion is a multi-vitamin moisturizer, that replenishes 100% of daily hydration, along with the essential nutrients that skin needs to be vibrant and feel healthy every day.

Key Ingredients

  • Vitamins A, E, & minerals – essential skin nutrients
  • Conditioning moisturizers – provide 100% of daily hydration

I have really sensitive skin so I have to be careful about the products that I use, and this lotion has been really good to me. My skin stays moisturized, soft and smooth all day long, and I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I love the Cocao Radiant (helps even skin tone), and adore the freshness of the Aloe Fresh (perfect for the summer!)


It definitely kept my skin RIGHT during fashion week! No ashiness in sight!

peace and love


ps: Thanks to Vaseline for saving me from becoming an ashy larry!!


My Precious with CG Arte

They were just picked for the World Gold Council as a candidate for the annual new designers’ catalog for 2012.

Below is a pic of earrings from their new collection for Fall 2012 IDRISSA  – 18 kt. gold and diamonds – suggested retail is $2000.  Handmade in NY.  Ring and pendants also in the collection.

The name Idrissa means immortal – celebrated through all time – and so the collection celebrates the timeless values of elegance and minimalism, bold, beautiful design statements made feminine.

Check out the Narcissus Collection and the Fleur de Lis Collection, presently at retail.


CG Arte principals Catherine Marion and Amy Glaswand started their business in 2009 and in general their look is modernized, stylized – inspiration for their designs evolves from ancient icons, unique architectural elements, or even a bold, simplified interpretation of nature.  Their seasonal collections entirely handmade in New York featuring acclaimed 18 karat gold workmanship, precious and semi-precious stones.