Posts Written On March 27, 2012

Yes, I Do!

Shawish Jewellery’s President and CEO Mohamed Shawesh has created an 150-carat ring carved from a single diamond which is expected to sell for $70 million – setting the world record for the world’s first all-diamond ring, according to World Records Academy:

It’a a little gaudy, but when you’re talking about a $70 million diamond (that would require its own bodyguard), what else would you expect? On that note…I DO!! Thank you very much. 🙂

In case you’re interested in picking up one of your own:


@GiggyThePom says Hello!

Giggy, A.K.A Gigolo the pint-sized pampered Pomeranian has taken fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills by storm.  Best known as Lisa Vanderpump‘s adorable side-kick on the show, Giggy has gained over 50,000 Twitter followers and recently won the coveted “Golden Collar Award” for best dog in a reality show.

But it wasn’t always fun and games for the Gigster.  When he started losing his hair in clumps, Giggy was diagnosed with Alopecia.  It was even recommended that he be euthanized.  But his owner Lisa Vanderpump would not dream of such a thing.  She gives him a home-cooked diet, special baths and keeps his body warm with an endless collection of custom-made canine couture outfits.

Although he still only has fur on his head and paws, that hasn’t stopped Giggy! He is adored by an array of celebrity friends likeGerard Butler, Drake, LaToya Jackson and Andy Cohen.  He has appeared on Chelsea Lately, The Today Show, Bravo, TMZ, 20/20 and, most importantly, in the arms of his loving mistress, Lisa Vanderpump.


Better sleep options with @coyuchi

Do you know what you sleep in?

Coyuchi is the first company to bring you organic bedding in the US! Choose from many different eco-friendly and natural bedding options for a better sleep.

Granite Peak CollectionIsland Light Collection

Their signature bedding is made of 100% certified organic cotton and they also have bath linens and baby items. Other materials include linen, cashmere, and pure, natural fibers.

“Anything wrinkle-free has added polyester or is coated with chemical resin,” says Karyn Barsa, CEO of Coyuchi. “Also, skip super high thread counts: The thin threads may be strengthened with—you guessed it—more chemicals. Organic cotton, by contrast, simply softens over time, and generally lasts longer.”

Morning Sunshine CollectionWoodland Walk Collection

Be comfortable & healthy in your home with Coyuchi!

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