Posts Written On March 10, 2012

Lip Conditioning with @EsteeLauder

My mom usually gives me some of the freebies that she gets when she purchases something and one that she got was an Estée Lauder Lip Conditioner SPF 15.

My last post was about their Pure Color Gloss Stick, so to pair that up with this product, use this conditioner first for a smoother look! You can also wear it alone like I do sometimes (at night).

Like it says on their website, it is “intensively moisturizing”. It also has SPF 15, vitamins C and E, Shea Butter, and other natural moisturizers. It has no scent for those that don’t like the flavors, so that’s a plus for people who tend to bite or lick their lips!Do I recommend this product? Yes. Would I pay $18.50 for it? I would but only if I really needed the extra moisture, hydration, and protection. One thing I notice about this comparing to a generic chapstick is that it really does go on smoother with its silk texture.

Has anyone else used this product before?

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Cooking with @TheChefDini

I finally got the Chef Dini!  Ever since I saw the infomercial while I was getting my nails done – I have been obsessed!   This is the all in one, slice, dice and mixer that every kitchen needs.

You can make 100’s of recipes and use this tool in your kitchen everyday. Here is the very first thing I made with it… Spinach and Artichoke dip. Yum!
Like everything on TV, it is not exactly  what you see.  The Chef Dini is in fact super useful but you have to remember that it is not motorized so you have to still turn it with your hand.  I didn’t chop the onion or cheese into small enough pieces so it was really hard to turn. BUT once I did it properly – everything worked really well!  The thing I love the most is the triple blade and the fact that you can make everything in one container.

1. Make sure you chop some of the stuff up before you put it in the Chef Dini

2. Ask you boyfriend or roommate to help you

3. Don’t force it – If it is not spinning easily then turn it counter clockwise and then clockwise

Can’t wait to try another recipe.


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  Happy Cooking!


Pink Friday with Barbie

What could be more fun than a matchy-match kind of day?

Headphones are a great accessory and even more perfect when it matches your iPod!  Now that I am living in Brooklyn I am taking the subway into Manhattan everyday, having music with me is a great weirdo deterrent and an easy way to make the time pass by fast.  The awesome people at the Sakar International Booth at the New York Toy Fair recently hooked up with Barbie to make some all pink everything headphones!

After 50 years, Barbie could use a technology upgrade to join the times. Sakar International has showcased their new Barbie ear buds along with many other licensed technology products at Toy Fair giving these products a spin to keep up with the children in the 21st century.

Cute enough to make Nicki proud!