Event LOVE: #VdayByVeet

The #VdayByVeet event at the Trump International Hotel last week, was so much fun! I loved everything from “Marylin Monroe’s” singing, the decadent hors d’oeuvres, pink desserts and champagne, the performance by Lights… ugh it was a great night! I loved walking down the pink carpet with all the “paparazzi” taking pictures and begging me to look their way, I forgot I was in Toronto for a minute. I also got to try the new Veet Easy Wax, which I now love, and I’m so happy we got a kit that we could try at home!

easy and pain free!- Veet Easy Wax

Casie Stewart

red velvet…

great performance by Lights

guava lemonade… soooo GOOD.

her necklace… love

a closer look

mini makeovers

cute outfit

Sheena Snively (MTV Canada) and I, or as she would say, “Salt n Pepa!”

Josette and I

nom nom nom

swaaaaag bags!

Watch the performances by Lights and “Marylin Monroe” here!

Thank you for inviting us.

peace and love


ps: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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