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@PanAmABC Recap: 1964

Final episode of Pan Am? I’m not surprised. But I mean, Ashley Greene is a closet lesbian, everyone is dressed in sexy service costume-wear and we get to watch Christina Ricci slap men around. As she says, “It’s almost 1964. They better get used to women with opinions.” Check her out smuggling in some jewels and making love on top of some cold, dirty cash.

As for the Ted (Michael Molsey) and Laura (Margot Robbie) love triangle, Ted’s fiance Amanda (Ashley Greene) approaches Laura and says, “I’d like you to be Ted’s mistress.” I’m not sure what kind of response she was expecting, but it doesn’t look like this picture-perfect wedding is going to happen. Still fighting for a traditional marriage? Looks like these girls are sticking to their roots on this debate. When Laura confronts Ted about it, he confesses his love for her. “To tell you the truth, Amanda is great. On paper.” He calls off the wedding and one thing leads to another — Amanda shows up at his place saying she’s pregnant. Can he get away from this?

Moving on to the secret agent missions, Richard (Jeremy Davidson) shows up at Kate’s door with a gunshot wound and learns about a double agent in their midst. Anderson (David Harbour) stops her before heading to the agency and now she doesn’t know which side to take. She plays on both sides and almost gets herself killed right in the middle of Grand Central Station, but gets the last laugh with her own set of under-cover buddies. Anderson gets arrested and she moves on to the CIA headquarters.

As the episode comes to a close, the agency wants to hire Kate as an agent, Collette (Karine Vanasse) might take a leave of absence to consider dating a prince. Now Ted has to decide among marrying the mother of his child Amanda or the love of his life Laura, and Captain Dean (Mike Vogel) is trying to win back Collette’s love after cheating on her with his ex. Could this be the end of the Pan Am girls?

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Annie Hammer Jewelery

Accessorizing? Choose jewelry designer Annie Hammer!

Hammer’s jewelry takes inspiration from her surroundings, with a vintage, hippie twist. . She envisions things in sculptural form and then makes it into jewelry. While her roots may be in surrealism, these days Hammer finds her muse in everyday objects – in shapes, in shoes, in the middle of the night.  She creates bold, focused pieces by mixing shapes and textures to create what a fellow artists have called “fierce elegance”.

Her collection features pieces that combine a natural chic and geometric edge with a sort of dream-like and mystical flare.

Her newest Spring/Summer Collection 2012 includes the following materials: Druzy, Crystal Points, Wood, Feathers, Leather, Mother of Pearl, Boar’s Tusk, Bone, Semi Precious Stones, Sting Ray.

That’s just a taste of what she can do! View the entire collection here or visit Greenwich Jewelers online or at the store in NYC!