Posts Written On February 16, 2012

@JopenLLC Intensity Sex Toy Review

I’m not sure how eventful your Valentine’s Day was, but this is what I had to play with. Intensity is probably the only sex toy that has an inflatable g-spot area to really hit the spot. But that’s not all — it involves electro-stimulation that seriously intensifies your experience! Ever remember getting shocked when you visit the Science museum and play with electricity? Imagine all that activity happening down below…

Just putting my finger on the steel areas sends shocks through my entire arm. Designed for kegel exercises, the Intensity not only helps strengthen your pelvic muscles, but it literally intensifies your orgasms. Can you ask for a better playmate?

Check out the video below to see how it works!

Don’t forget to check in next month and enter to win one of these amazing sex toys!

xoxo, @missamandachen


Get Cozy With Spratters and Jane!

With only two real months of winter left, lets embrace the cold and take advantage of the short time we have to don our favorite cold-weather accessories–boots, hats, gloves, and best of all, SCARVES!

Spratters & Jane creates hand-crocheted scarves ideal for braving the bitter cold, with a stylistic edge. Designer, Rachael, believes that “a great scarf is essential to keeping one warm in the colder months. Anyone can have the most interesting clothes underneath their coat, but its what’s on top that has the most impact”.


So, make a statement this winter with Spratters & Jane, available online and in NYC at International Playground (Stanton/Bowery).


Cuteness Prevails at @ToyFairNY

I went by the Toy Fair today to check out all the cute and clever toys that are new on the market!  I will be posting about each of the brands individually but here is a sneak peek! If you missed the Toy Fair this year, make sure you check out their website so you can attend Toy Fair 2013.

Impressive Hulk Lego

Make your own Sugar Scrub

one of the best board games i have ever seen!

Make your own bracelet!

So cool! You can make anything

May the Force be with you

Cutest accessory for your car

Fruit Ninja!

This is for kids so they can sleep anywhere

Double Finger cuteness

Take that iPod!


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The 109th annual American International Toy Fair® is the largest toy and youth product marketplace in the Western Hemisphere, bringing together more than 1,100 exhibiting manufacturers, distributors, importers and sales agents from around the globe to showcase their toy and entertainment products. From classic toys to interactive entertainment and everything in between, the Toy Fair playground includes: action figures and dolls, games and puzzles, construction toys, arts and creative activities, earth-friendly products, bicycles, tricycles and ride-ons, radio-controlled vehicles, infant and preschool toys, cars, trucks, and trains, puppets and plush, audio and video cassettes, computer software and video games, playground and sporting equipment, Halloween, Christmas, books, stationery, party supplies, and much more.