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Lately I’ve been beyond lazy when it comes to cooking, and have been living off of oatmeal, cereal, and bagels. I needed to make things a little more exciting, so I bought some soy bites and made a DELICIOUS stir fry with green peppers, mushrooms, garlic and ginger.

Of course I HAD to have some steamed broccoli

T’was such a good dinner.

peace and love



Mix and Match with @StyleByMixtress

Newbee blogger Steph, also known as the Mixtress, takes expensive and affordable and makes it adorable! With an eye for style, Steph mixes price tags and matches trends to serve as a style-guide for everyone. “All fashion, high or low priced, can be drool worthy, it’s all about how you rock it, darlings.”

[[Joseph Red Stretch Trousers. $$$$, Intermix. Vince Black Crochet Knit Sweater, $$$, Bergdorfs. Ikat Scarf, $, Urban Outfitters. Black Shearling Jacket with Leather Sleeves, $$$$$, Maje. Black Beaded Bracelets, $$, Jewlery by Paula in Brooklyn, NY. Black Chanel Studded Purse on Chain, $$$$$, Chanel. Black Leather Peep Toe Wedges, $$, Zara. Black Cat Eye Sunglasses, $14, Urban Outfitters.]]

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The New Drink in Town @Teabean_White @coffeeandteanyc

At the Coffee & Tea Festival, there was an array of hot and cold drink that were just brewing with excitement!  One of my favorite new drinks I discovered is Tea Bean!  It is revolutionary, totally delicious and Canadian!

Teabean infuses White Coffee beans with Chai spices for a caffeinated & delicious tasting tea…or coffee? It is owned by Olympic Figure Skater Craig Buntin from Montreal, QC ·

We are so happy that Craig decided to take a new spin on coffee and tea!  This stuff is fabulous and I am so sure you would want to try it!

See how it’s all mixed up? You can used a diffuser if you want or use the triangle tea bags to seep this aromatic drink!  Craig had to get up early for skate practice all the time so he was interested in finding caffeinated drinks that he can use to get him energized.  You can what? We love Teabean, it the gold medal drink of Tea and Coffee Fest!

If you want to try Teabean and win a sample:

1. Follow @TeaBean_white on Twitter

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3. Tweet – I’m not sleepy today because of @Teabean_white via @heydoyou

Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced March 10. Good luck!


Post-Oscars Themed Cocktails @VoliSpirits!

Just because the Oscars are over doesn’t mean you still can’t make & enjoy these fabulous Voli drinks!

Sit back and enjoy these delicious, skinny, easy-to-make cocktails

Crystal Cosmo (for the host, Billy Crystal)

* 1 ½ oz Voli Lyte * 1 oz fresh lemon juice * 2 oz cranberry Juice * ½ oz Agave Nectar * Top w/ Prosecco (optional) * Lemon twist for a garnish

In a mixing tin, add ice, Voli Lyte, lemon juice, cranberry juice, agave nectar & shake.

Strain into a martini glass and top with Prosecco


Golden Drop

* 2 oz Voli Lemon * 1 oz fresh lemon juice * ½ packet sweetener

Shake & strain


Sweet Revenge (inspired by “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”)

* 2 oz Raspberry Cocoa * 2 raspberries * 2 blackberries * 1 oz apple cider * ¼ oz maple syrup * Garnish with raspberries

Muddle berries and maple syrup.

Add all ingredients, then shake and strain into a martini glass


The Golden Era (inspired by “Midnight in Paris”)

1 ½ oz Voli Orange Vanilla * 2 oz lemonade * ½ oz agave nectar * ½ oz pineapple juice * Orange wheel for a garnish

In a mixing tin, add ice, Voli Orange Vanilla, lemonade, agave nectar, & pineapple juice. Shake & strain into a martini glass


‘Follow’ Voli on Twitter @VoliSpirits (only if you are over the legal drinking age!) & ‘Like’ Voli on Facebook!


@GossipGirl Recap: The Princess Dowry

Ok, I understand why Chuck (Ed Westwick) is going “World War Waldorf” on the whole world. I mean, how did lonely boy Dan (Penn Badgley) score Blair (Leighton Meester) through the whole Chuck/Louis battle? I’m still rooting for them, but their chemistry on the screen really turns me off. It’s nothing compared to Dan and Serena (Blake Lively) back in high school. As if this can’t get any more unbelievable, Blair’s marriage annulment looks almost too good to be true until she find out Georgina and her guide worked together with Gossip Girl to reveal her affair with Dan, causing her to fork up some serious cash on a dowry. “OMG, I was just bitch-slapped by Bridget Jones.”

As if things aren’t bad enough, Billy Baldwin returns as Serena’s dad at CeCe’s Irish-themed funeral for grandma CeCe and declares Ivy Dickens (Kaylee DeFer) gets all the money from her will. Ivy’s proving to be more the Upper East Sider than the leading ladies themselves. She says, “Your mother knew all of my secrets and she knew all of yours too. Maybe that’s why she left me everything.” On top of it all, Lola takes Ivy’s side and again she wins with the whole innocent-girl-who-doesn’t-know-any-better act. But wait, it gets better. Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) almost gives up on Gossip Girl until she finds out that Dr. William Van Der Woodsen might not just be Serena’s daddy, but the father of Charlie Rhodes as well.

Ivy Dickens kicks out the very family that originally took her in with open arms. I get why everyone’s angry at each other, but this is no way to end the episode. Could the Van Der Woodsens and Waldorfs be knocked off their expensive thrones? Gossip Girl seems to think so, she’s even ditching her site. But don’t worry, she’ll be back. We gotta find out what happens with the Chuck-Blair-Dan triangle. Could Dan finally get lucky tonight? I can’t wait to hear the deets about lonely boy in the sheets.

Xoxo, @missamandachen


Fun times at the @NellaBellaBrand F/W12 Presentation

I had so much fun at the Nella Bella Fall/Winter ’12 presentation on Thursday. A number of us gathered at the Urban Space Gallery on Richmond Street to drool over as well as view Nella Bella’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection. There was so much love, and positivity in the room, and I promise you that the collection offers something for everyone! Tarek was a breath of fresh air as always, and I’m so happy to have been able to celebrate his new collection 🙂

I need ALL of these in my life.

party people… love those curls!

far left… YES.

So good seeing you TK!

so pretty

Sharky and his lady 🙂

so sexy!

Andreas Kyriakos showing off my favourite piece of the brand new vintage-inspired collected which he designed…

um he’s only 16 years old.

I didn’t have any, but they looked goooood.

Casie and Chantel

Chantel’s nails are always on point!


LOVE the red

These were giving me life!

love @SeptembreA ‘s skirt!


love nicole’s red pants!

A designer and a model

more food!

I’ll take this one as well. Thank you.


Tarek and I 🙂

Congratulations to the Nella Bella team for another successful collection, and thank you for inviting me!

peace and love