New Trend – Shellac Manicures!

I had a Spa Day on Sunday and I discovered a new kind of manicure! I got a Shellac Manicure done at EuroSpa here in Buffalo.

It is a gel that goes on like regular polish and it is chip-free that lasts 14 days! It also doesn’t smudge and is scratch free. It’s only been a couple days now so we will see.

The manicure was like any other manicure you get done. It was about 45 minutes long, where a base coat was put on, then the color coat, followed by a topcoat. You have to dry it with a UV Lamp so Shellac is only sold to licensed professionals.

Here are some pictures…I got red for Chinese New Year! 🙂 I also have very short nails since mine are so brittle and weak. Supposedly, this should help my nails grow!

As for pricing, EuroSpa charges $30 for a Shellac Manicure, $10 more than a Basic Pedicure. I paid $20 because I had a coupon so it was definitely worth it to me. Also for removal of Shellac, they recommend you going back to where you get it done so they can professionally remove it, but I was also told I could do it myself. For my first time, I’m going to go back to EuroSpa (& maybe pick another Shellac color out if I like it enough)!

EuroSpa also offers massages, pedicures, facials, sauna sessions, etc. If you are around the Buffalo area I definitely recommend them, and if not, treat yourself to a spa day somewhere near you! Check out EuroSpa’s Facebook page for more information.


Also take a look at Shellac – CND for more information on Shellac! More and more salons are getting it so keep your eyes peeled!

Let us know if any of you have tried this kind of manicure!

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