Posts Written On January 24, 2012

Put Some Spring In Your Step With @FeeskSandals!

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to kick off those over-the-knee boots and slip into shoes more fitting the wonderful weather change. FEESK SANDALS are sure to do the trick. Their line of fashion-forward footwear is designed for the woman who lives life on her own terms, values authenticity, and enjoys effortlessly standing out from the crowd. Their daring, handcrafted sandals are a contemporary interpretation of the ancient paduka “toe plug” sandal. From one basic style, the line has evolved into a variety; including their gladiator sandals, slippers, lazy sues, and their popular bridal designs.

Community focused, owner Fiona Khan has pledged part of the profits of all Feesk Sandals sales to Kiva, a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. “It’s our way of supporting healthy globalization and help empower people and help make dreams come true,” says Khan.

Look great while supporting a great cause! Feesk Sandals are available for sale across North America and online. For more information, visit


Winter Glamour Party in NYC Tomorrow

Here’s a great idea for after-work playtime in NYC tomorrow, January 25!

The Winter Glamour Party will feature:

  • Salon treatments by the famed J. Sisters Salon (best known for Brazilian blowouts and topnotch waxes)
  • Whiskey tasting sponsored by Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey (a new, sexy whiskey for the younger NY crowd that doesn’t know they love Whiskey yet)
  • A full blown candy bar
  • Glam-inspired cocktails sponsored by Hypnotiq Harmonie
  • Gorgeous jewelry designs by Mina D. and Alzerina Gomes
  • Glamorous makeup touch-ups and men’s grooming by Jennifer King, Valerie Star, Stacie Simmons and Marisa Cohen
  • Real Beanz Coffee (a new, health-based, energizing canned coffee drink)
  • Beauty product samples by Soy Spacasso, The South African Store, Rain Africa, Perrier

Here are the deets:

When: Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Where: The J Sisters Salon (inside the Limelight Market Place), 656 6th Avenue
Time: 7–11pm
Admission: $20 at the door

See you there!


Meet Nancy O’Dell at ISSE in Long Beach This Weekend!

Meet Entertainment Tonight’s Nancy O’Dell at the International Salon & Spa Expo on Sat. 1/28 at 2:30 p.m. – booth 1140 as she will unveil RUSK’s new Being Sexy Collection and share her thoughts on the sexiest red carpet hair style trends this award season.
The RUSK Being Sexy Collection features professional hair care products including a shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, styling cream and gel, as well as mousse and argan oil. This unique collection offers voluptuous volume, tousled texture and seductive shine.
Rusk at ISSE
In addition, the RUSK Creative Team, along with veteran editorial and fashion week artist, Jon Reyman will unveil the new RUSK Rebel Chic Collection. Inspired by women who have taken risks, embraced difference and championed change, this collection focuses on separation, texture and movement, which has not been clearly defined, but instead, unites on a connection of differences.
The International Salon & Spa Expo takes place Jan. 28 – 30, 2012 in Long Beach, CA. For more info and to purchase tickets, visit
xo, June 🙂

@GossipGirl Recap: Father And The Bride

Is anyone else totally upset at the lame excuse Blair (Leighton Meester) has for ending her love affair with Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick)? Accidents happen. She barely mourns the loss of her child and yet mourns her willful decision to exclude Chuck from her life? No wonder she has to go to church, no other institution would understand the level of crazy she’s at right now.

Is anyone else totally creeped out by that church dude and his perverted relationship with Beatrice? And I thought Nate’s (Chace Crawford) dates were bad. Now that you mention it, his little secret with Gossip Girl gets out when he shuts down Serena’s (Blake Lively) column, which Serena obviously finds out about and publishes herself. I’m not sure if Gossip Girl’s making a comeback, but at least we get a little closer to solving the mystery on Nate’s arch enemy: his cousin Tripp. Serena and Nate stage a video posted on Gossip Girl to get Tripp to come by and blame his wife only to realize this was all an intervention about their grandfather’s love.

As Nate’s story gets progressively interesting, it looks like there’s no room for Chuck to shine. He’s even more obsessed with Blair (I know, how is that even possible right?) and finding out why she randomly ran out on him when they just professed their undying love for each other. I understand where Blair is coming from about loving someone from afar, but for a protection measure? That’s a little lame. No, that’s a lot lame.

The best part of tonight’s episode is Blair’s bachelorete party at Panchitos in the West Village. She’s actually hit lower than 10th street to film this! So much for the blue Tiffany’s boxes and macarons, Blair gets silly off of frozen margaritas and tequila shots. I’ve never seen her this chilled out in the entire series. She even gets caught smoking a joint outside and mistakes the cops for strippers. I mean, Officier ‘Weiner’? I’m dying. See, surprises like this keep me holding on for better story lines. But we all know that won’t happen. I love the tiara, but it was too bad there weren’t penises on it.

Chuck and the creepy priest guy become BFFs when it comes to sabotaging Blair and Prince Louis’ marriage. But Beatrice looks like she’s turning sides, I mean, did anyone else notice they’re basically wearing the same makeup? Sisters cut from the same cloth! Let the best duo win and we’ll check out what happens next week at the altar. Or what doesn’t happen…

Xoxo, @missamandachen