Posts Written On January 21, 2012

Accessories, Invites, Shiny Things @TheWeddingCo

It was designer Elsa Corsi’s first time at The Wedding Co. show in Toronto, and we were totally impressed!

There were so many wonderful accessories, and invitation concepts that I don’t think I would be able to chose just one…

More from Elsa Corsi.

Her nails were so bada**! (Elsa Corsi)

David Dunkley Bespoke Millinery

More from David Dunkley

Tara Fava Jewellery… she had such gorgeous jewellery, but only let me take one pic šŸ™

The BEST invitations everrrr! – Cre8tive Invitations

…inside the invitation

She had sooo many beautiful invitations!

Sponge necklace by Rue Pigalle oh my gawd!

More from Rue Pigalle

More from Rue Pigalle

Love these!- Rue Pigalle

Invitations by Paleterra

More invitations- Paleterra

Accessories by Nancy Ciccone

SO PRETTY- Nancy Ciccone

Karolina Keeler

Love the Belle Boutique pieces!

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Make-up and MORE @TheWeddingCo

The ladies of LIFT Beauty Boutique (Thanks for eyeshadow!!)

Gourmet chocolate and pretty packaging… Your guests will be pleased!

Cute! Cakes by Konstadin

Make-up in the city was there!

Need this coffee maker! William Ashley China

More from William Ashley China

The ladies of AROMACHOLOGY were there! (Individual soap bites…oh my gawd yes!)


Sara DellĀ treated us to some sweet singing šŸ™‚

Events in Bloom

Little Party Goers. Childcare at Weddings & Events. What an awesome idea!

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