Posts Written On January 21, 2012

Accessories, Invites, Shiny Things @TheWeddingCo

It was designer Elsa Corsi’s first time at The Wedding Co. show in Toronto, and we were totally impressed!

There were so many wonderful accessories, and invitation concepts that I don’t think I would be able to chose just one…

More from Elsa Corsi.

Her nails were so bada**! (Elsa Corsi)

David Dunkley Bespoke Millinery

More from David Dunkley

Tara Fava Jewellery… she had such gorgeous jewellery, but only let me take one pic ūüôĀ

The BEST invitations everrrr! – Cre8tive Invitations

…inside the invitation

She had sooo many beautiful invitations!

Sponge necklace by Rue Pigalle oh my gawd!

More from Rue Pigalle

More from Rue Pigalle

Love these!- Rue Pigalle

Invitations by Paleterra

More invitations- Paleterra

Accessories by Nancy Ciccone

SO PRETTY- Nancy Ciccone

Karolina Keeler

Love the Belle Boutique pieces!

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Make-up and MORE @TheWeddingCo

The ladies of LIFT Beauty Boutique (Thanks for eyeshadow!!)

Gourmet chocolate and pretty packaging… Your guests will be pleased!

Cute! Cakes by Konstadin

Make-up in the city was there!

Need this coffee maker! William Ashley China

More from William Ashley China

The ladies of AROMACHOLOGY were there! (Individual soap bites…oh my gawd yes!)


Sara Dell¬†treated us to some sweet singing ūüôā

Events in Bloom

Little Party Goers. Childcare at Weddings & Events. What an awesome idea!

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