Urban Outfitters!!!


Sup Cole World!!


Sooooo i know i RARELY blog about fashion, that’s because i am not as fashionable as Heydoyou.com’s own Yvonne  and Bella :0). With that said, i actually made a really good fashion decision a couple days of go and went to  Urban Outfitters ( http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/index.jsp ) to actually purchase some things. I actually have been to the Urban Outfitters in SOHO New York and it was really nice. The one here in Austin is located Downtown and is HUGE!

Not too mention the customer service is incredible, as i wa shopping i was asking mad questions like “Does thig go with this??” lol Yea sometimes in my mind when i think an outfit is going to go together it does’nt always workout so well, so i always value a second opinion. If  your just as clueless when it comes to fashion as i am, Urban Outfitters is a really nice place to start :0). Also its not as expensive as you would think, but to be REALLY honest, the price also depends on what city you live in. Go SHOP!

P.S Check out how cool the veiw from the store in Austin looks at night  below :0)


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