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A Clean White Dog @MJdogessentials

Having a white dog is like… wearing white jeans. When he gets really really happy, he does this.

The dirtiest dog in the park is the one having the most fun! Keeping a white Dogo Argentino x Pitbull mix clean is not easy.

Lucky for me!  He knows the word ‘shower’ and will tolerate it if I sing to him at the same time. Usually, our go-to shampoo is Johnson&Johnson’s Baby Shampoo but we decided to try something new from our friends at M&J Dog Essentials.  I like him bright and white.

The FreshenUp Collection – it is the easiest and fastest way to bathe your dog!  The collection includes the FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment which you apply to the coat when dry, massage it in then rinse!  Here is how it works.
The second part of FreshenUp is a Coat Tonic which you can apply after using the Cleansing Treatment or between baths – it gives the coat a healthy shine while conditioning the skin and coat with Vitamin C, Tamarind Seed Extract & Lavender.

If your dog get a little dry skin from the change in seasons, just apply Nutrient Fusion Pre-Bath Treatment before (even the night before if you would like!) the FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment his dry skin disappears and his coat gets unbelievably shiny and soft!


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We rate this 5 out of 5 bones!



Love Love Love Rihanna for always expressing herself and always sticking to her guns. She never ever listens to what people want her to do, and she has formed a great image because of that.  Her new song “You Da One” brings out her more raunchier vibe. I personally don’t think this is a bad video, yes the girl is touching herself but really everyone does it- she’s just bringing it into the spotlight. Why get mad? Plus there are so many other things in the world that are going on that we should focus our energy on.

I however, don’t like her with the blonde wig, PLEASE Ri Ri, bring back the RED! 🙂 What is you impression of You Da One???

xo, @itstanyag


SHINE like Heidi!

Tis the season of giving, and we want to give one lucky HeyDoYou reader a chance to SHINE like Heidi Klum! All you have to do is tweet @thisBella_HDY telling me why you want to win, and the best tweet wins. Easy as pie.

What to expect from this fragrance? It opens up with notes of mandarin, pink pepper and pear, has heart notes of mimosa absolut, lily of the valley and sunflower, and the base is composed of vanilla, tonka beans from Venezuela and Cosmone musk. It’s AH-MA-ZING!

Tweet me and WIN!

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NEW MUSIC: @TheWeekndxo “Echoes of Silence”

Literally The Weeknd will take over the world shortly. I love the whole mystery that they have surrounding this group. I love the aura that they present and I personally love how they basically created a whole new genre. Are they hip hop? Rap? R n B? Who knows?? I just know that they are amazing at what they do and are masterful in the whole engineering of their tracks. Here is their new single “Echoes of Silence”. I have just stopped listening to it over and over and over again. I’m in love with this track. What do you think?? Is it worthy of being on repeat?


xo, @itstanyag


NEW MUSIC: @Drake ft. @Liltunechi and @Tyga “Motto”

Personally I love Drake and Lil Wayne, but really I’m not digging this video. I don’t understand why the green uggs or the cheetah Northface jacket. I think they could have done so much with this video but they didn’t and to be honest this video falls flat. However the beat and the song is quite catchy. What did you think of the new video?

xo, @itstanyag