Posts Written On December 07, 2011

Urban Outfitters!!!


Sup Cole World!!


Sooooo i know i RARELY blog about fashion, that’s because i am not as fashionable as’s own Yvonne  and Bella :0). With that said, i actually made a really good fashion decision a couple days of go and went to  Urban Outfitters ( ) to actually purchase some things. I actually have been to the Urban Outfitters in SOHO New York and it was really nice. The one here in Austin is located Downtown and is HUGE!

Not too mention the customer service is incredible, as i wa shopping i was asking mad questions like “Does thig go with this??” lol Yea sometimes in my mind when i think an outfit is going to go together it does’nt always workout so well, so i always value a second opinion. If  your just as clueless when it comes to fashion as i am, Urban Outfitters is a really nice place to start :0). Also its not as expensive as you would think, but to be REALLY honest, the price also depends on what city you live in. Go SHOP!

P.S Check out how cool the veiw from the store in Austin looks at night  below :0)



Holiday Gifts from @Juicy_Couture!

The holidays can be a difficult time of year.  Yes, we love the laughter and joy and the pretty lights that it brings, but we could do without all the stress.

Well, to ease your present picking woes, Juicy Couture teamed up with Harpar’s Bazaar Magazine to create an effortless gift guide that’ll satisfy any girl’s wish list. From clothes, to jewelry, to handbags and accessories, this list has got it all, plus free shipping! Holiday shopping just got way easier.


Gold Glitter iPad Case


Jewel Neck Shift Dress


Snowflake Charm Bracelet


For these Juicy Picks and more, visit the Juicy Couture online Gift Shop! 


Opportunity International “Spread the Joy” Gift Card

If you have family out of town like me, you probably have and will spend a ton of shipping Christmas gifts this year. If you want to save the Fed Ex fees and hassle, you can send your friends and family this little compact gift card. It mails perfectly inside a sparkly Christmas card!

PRICE: $10 – $500 selectable increments

Help Your Loved Ones Make a Difference:

  • Gift card recipients can choose to support an entrepreneur like Myrna in the Philippines, who sells clothing and needs $350 to purchase more ready-to-wear clothing and a tricycle to grow her business.  Or someone like Rosa in Nicaragua, who started a tortilla business with her loan from Opportunity International to literally build a roof on her home and make enough money to send her kids to school. At, recipients can read Myrna and Rosa’s stories, as well as those of other entrepreneurs, to learn more about their goals and aspirations.
  • All proceeds from its purchase go towards funding small business loans, often referred to as microloans, to economically marginalized people in 20 different countries who are trying to work their way out of poverty.
  • About 85 percent of loan recipients are female, as women tend to re-invest back in their communities, especially concerning healthcare and education for children.

Here’s How the Holiday Gift Card program Works:

  • Gift givers simply visit to purchase a tax-deductible gift card for a friend, family member or business colleague.  Once purchased, the gift card can be printed, e-mailed or mailed.
  • Gift recipients visit to redeem the card and fund a loan to an entrepreneur profiled on the site whose business they’d like to invest in. Users can select from hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, operating a wide variety of businesses. Once the gift card is redeemed, the card recipient can receive updates on the entrepreneur whose loan they funded.
  • Life-changing loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world, made through the purchase of a “Spread the Joy” gift card, are part of a working solution to poverty around the globe that results in thriving communities.  Such a loan is also a gift that truly keeps on giving.  Once the entrepreneur repays the loan, the money is loaned again by Opportunity International to change the life of another entrepreneur, and then another, and so on… for many years to come.

On the THIRD day of Christmas…@vangoghvodka

My True Love gave to me… 3 brand new Van Gogh Vodkas! Blue + Cool Peach + Dark Chocolate.

Van Gogh’s bottles and gift packages are beautiful gifts for a host or hostess, spouse, or friend.


For the perfect martini before dinner

 Martini lovers, vodka connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts alike will swoon over a bottle of Van Gogh BLUE, the world’s first vodka made from three international wheat sources (central France, southern Germany and Zeeland in Holland).  Hand-crafted in Holland, this triple distilled, triple wheat vodka has an exceptionally smooth, polished taste with a neutral flavor full of subtle nuances from the three European grains.

For under $30, this is probably the best holiday gift you can bring to a party as a versatile cocktail base every host is sure to appreciate. Or wrap up with a bow and gift to the vodka lover on your list.

Looking to mix it up a little?  Try one of Van Gogh’s authentically flavored vodkas including Açai-Blueberry, Double Espresso®, Dutch Caramel, Pomegranate and Dutch Chocolate.

In addition to BLUE, Van Gogh recently introduced two new flavors:Rich Dark Chocolate, a decadent and complex vodka with hints of coffee and chili pepper, and Cool Peach, a succulently sweet vodka full of ripe peach flavors and a hint of mint.

Drink up mes amis!