Posts Written On December 04, 2011

Stay Strong !!!

The other day I was just surfing Youtube when I found this video. I felt really touched to see something like this and to know that he hasn’t done something wrong like take his life. This post probably isn’t so HEYDOYOU fun, but it is important to me and I do think everyone needs to know about it. I would love to work with bullying because I do feel it is a big negative in our society. I have been bullied all my life and still have alot of insecurities about  it, and to be honest there were times were I thought to end it all but I always knew it would get better. This video is so raw and full of emotion it made me cry. If you know anyone who is being bullied, help them out- if you are doing the bullying, stop, because you aren’t better than anyone else.

If you are being bullied and need someone to talk to feel free to contact Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 or hit me up. I’m willing to talk to anyone that needs a shoulder to cry on.

Much love, Tanya


Party Dresses for Every Holiday Fete!

The hustle and bustle has already started and the malls are absolutely rammed with women who are anxiously looking for that perfect holiday dress. Luckily! I came across some helpful pieces in Marie Claire Magazine that should make your shopping experience a little bit easier. I love this time of year, but do I look forward to fight of parking, standing in hour long line ups and hunting for that bargain? Not really. But when I get my hands on the perfect outfit, it’s worth it!

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Winter-Skin Blues No More @lovephilosophy

Every year around this time my skin starts to get dry. I decided this year that I would try something different than just my usual moisturizer that I use everyday. I was suggested to use a serum, which is now officially part of my daily facial routine. 🙂

I bought Philosophy: When Hope Is Not Enough, which is a facial firming serum. For $38 you get 1 oz, which is a bit pricey, but you also don’t have to use a lot!

This product tightens up your skin, hydrates it, and minimizes the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

I cleanse my face, put a little bit of this on, some moisturizer, and I’m all set. And when I put on makeup, it goes on so smooth. This product absorbs quickly and I definitely feel it replenishing my skin.

The one con I have though is that I don’t like the smell! It’s just when you put it on, otherwise the scent goes away. Definitely worth it nonetheless!

Check out their Facebook and Twitter! There are many other products that this skin care brand has!