That Perfect Dreamy Wedding

Now that we’re about to see the darkest human-vampire wedding of the century (in the newest Twilight movie– out this weekend!), there is just so much more pressure to create something beautiful and fantastic for a dream wedding! My personal style is far from Edward and Bella’s… I can’t imagine what their wedding will look like…or even what type of wedding cake topper they will have! I did a bit of research to find some fun and unique wedding cake toppers (since the cake is one of my favorite parts of a wedding) and I found some great ideas from American Bridal…

Monogram toppers are a classic but the font and glitter on these add a modern twist!

This one is fun too because it shows a bit about the couple’s personality. Too bad that doesn’t look like him and she doesn’t look like me. But the Ducati is close

Aw and I love this one! It’s so sweet!

What does your dream wedding cake topper look like?

We partnered with American Bridal on this post.

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