Meet the Breeds – A Furry Weekend with @akcdoglovers

Went down to the Javits Center to meet over 200 breeds of dogs and cats this weekend at Meet the Breeds! The place was packed with dog lovers, strollers and children. I was really excited and wanted to see all the dogs from A-Z.

Down each aisle, dogs were on display with their handlers being very patient and being pet thousands of times.

Irish Wolf Hound

Great Dane Pups

one big puppy! 10 month old Great Dane

His feet were bigger than mine!

I know a Malucci Collar when i see one! *bling*

wet pink nose

This Flat Coat Retriever was SO tired.

Chow Chow for Kaycee of course!

Rough Collie – Lassssssie!

Doberman x 2

A giant Chihuahua! Ha!

Afghan Hound eating a cheesestring


This one is for Kate for Emma!

One exhausted pooch

Bull Terrier

A Mini Bull Terrier

Very Very sleepy Bloodhounds

LG was there to showcase their lightweight vaccuums with special pet hair turbine!

Here I am testing it out 🙂 Very smooth… the latest LG Kompressor® Drive™Pet Care Vacuum! This new device features a Pet Hair Turbine Tool which removes pet hair embedded in furniture and carpets – great for cleaning up after even the shaggiest of pets.  For allergy-sensitive pet lovers, its true HEPA filtration captures common household allergens like pet dander, dust mites, pollens and other common household allergens.

Brindle Boxer

Skye Terrier

Pharaoh Hound

Pekineses who just LOVED all the attention


And that’s all folks! See you next year 🙂


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