Posts Written On November 02, 2011


Sup Cole World!

I had the privaledge to sit down with one of if not the mbest Austin,TX based clothing lines here and talk to them about their clothing line. Enjoy…
(GE = Golden Empire)

1) What was the inspiration for Golden Empire? => GE- I wanted to build a brand that encompassed the talents my friends and I have including tattooing,fashion,music,skating,photography & film.

2) I see there’s alot of females who have tattoos and such, do you target that demographic? => GE- Im a tattooer myself, I love dope tats and hot girls that have em so it only made sense.Im not saying that all my models have to be tatted up but good tattoo work is definitely a plus.


3)  What’s the response Golden Empire has received from the people?  =>  GE- Its been great.We are a small indie brand that doesn’t do any crazy marketing or promotion so its awesome to see people rockn and reppin our clothes because its something unique and not because everybody else is wearing it.    

4)  What’s your personal favorite piece of clothing from your clothing line?  => GE-  tough choice.”Lucky Kenzo” is my shit but I would have to choose the “Night Owl” me and my buddy Cal came up with that for one of my original designs,its a classic.  

5)  Does Golden Empire have fall line for men and women? => GE- for sure,We a dropping new hoodies,crewnecks and tees for the fall.lookout for the rhino joint.


6) Speaking of men and women, where do you find your models? They always have such a great look. => GE– the majority of my models are friends of mine the others are independent models who I came across and just had to work with.Major shouts to Heather Berhosky,Jody Kovac & Heels & Candy.


7) Any upcoming projects you would like people to know about => GE- We are working on a few ill collabs with The Cool Kids, Jgoods & Kydd Jones.we also recently moved to Dallas and have a few things in the works for Dtown.





Justin ‘Otis’ Beiber

Personally, i’ve neva been a huge Justin Beiber fan, but i think he actually might have put some swag on this. His whole flow was’nt there at times but for the most part i think he may have pulled it off. Big Boy and the whole studio was goin BANANAS!! Lemme know what you think about his hand at Jay Z’z and Kanye West’s song entitled ‘Otis’


Go Beyonce Go Beyonce!!!

I dunno about the title, it just seemed right, avoiding the rhyme. ‘Countdown’ is the track… but this video, to me, is a testimonial to the husslaaa that is Ms. Beyonce Knowles. Even while “with child”, she’s on the grind, making it work. Visually, this is one of the most engaging videos she (or anyone else in a mainstream environment) has done in a very long time! Drums, thong, Andy Warhol, pop art, head shots… I Love this video, take it in and applaud with me! xo


Game Giveaway via @TableTopicsinc

A great house warming present or something to talk about!  TableTopics is a game with cards of questions for every occassion.

Whether married for 50 years, or just starting out, these refreshing questions will challenge and inspire. Couples will learn something new about their partner and even themselves! Explore together the things that make you unique as individuals and the things that bond you as a couple.

Spark, rekindle and enrich your relationship. Share this edition with the one you love.

  • what possession of your partner’s would you like to throw away
  • is it your similarities or your differences that attract you to each other
  • what’s your favorite photo of your partner
  • do you eat differently when you’re alone
  • have obstacles brought you closer together or divided you
  • what’s the dumbest argument you ever had

We have Couples ones here for a giveaway!

There are 135 question cards that can either lead to better understanding, great convo or even maybe start a fight – uh oh!

 If you want to win it – Leave a comment (click the black box on the top left corner of post!) and tell me what is the company’s original name.

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