@PanAmABC Recap: Eastern Exposure

Do we sense a little rivalry among the pilot bachelors? With Bridgette MIA, Dean and Collette seem to be getting a long these days. After watching co-pilot Ted fail at kiss with Laura, we find out a little more information about his past. It looks like his father helped him get into Pan Am, but only after his ship crashed in the navy and they blamed it on him rather than a system error. “Accept your honorable discharge honorably and get on with your life. There’s plenty of blue skies ahead of you Teddy.”

Tonight the Pan Am team hits Eastern Asia and show some skin at a resort in Rangoon, Burma. The girls taste the best chicken curry in Indonesia (and Laura spits it out), they watch a cock fight and lock a snake in the bathroom. With Maggie’s influence, Laura disappears with Kate’s camera and as a result she’s late for another one of her assignments. There’s more sisterly combat when they meet again. “It’s so easy for you. no one ever expected anything from you. You always got to do whatever you wanted,” says Laura. “Now I’m doing what you wanted and you still don’t want me here!” Her whining is getting annoying. Kate’s right. She needs to grow up and stop waiting for acceptance and just pull herself together. I mean come on, she still wears bunny slippers!

Kate continues to defend her sister, but it’s getting harder and harder for her to convince herself that Laura can stand on her own. As a result, Laura ends up crashing with Maggie. “It’s hard to fly with your wings clipped.”

Taking off, @missamandachen

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