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Austin State Capitol


Sup Cole World!!!

So today i went to our State Capital and learned so much! You would believe the first very State Capitol was a little shack that was broken down. There is so much history in the state Capitiol that it was kinda overwhealming. Never the less it was so amazing inside the building. Here’s a little fact about how they had to place teh statue ontop of the capitol. The U.S Coast guard had to assist in placing it on there, how crazy is that?!?! Not too mention the lawn outside is beautiful, people usually go there to eat luch and walk dogs it’s great.


Pop Rock Tini #Winning!

Sup Cole World!

Who DID’NT like Pop Rocks when they were little? If you tell me you did’nt i won’t believe you anyway lol. Im coming at you with the best of both worlds right now people. Its called a ‘Pop Rock Tini’  ‘Tini’ being short for Martini incase you were wondering.

This is the best thing i promise you! Those are Pop Rocks covered around the brim of the glass. What’s in the glass? alot of something that willleave you feeling niiiiice! That’s if your OVER 21 ;0). Ten Oak is the only Restaurant in Austin that makes them, tell em Craig Allen sent you lol, you might as well im there enough.



My @BearpawShoes for Fall

Winter 08

Since my UGGs has seen better days, I finally tossed them and got myself a pair of BearPaw Boots!  They are so comfy and warm! Awesome price, so many colors and easy to take care of 🙂

Embossed suede with a touch of shimmer is destined to be the next big footwear frenzy this fall. BEARPAW Footwear, a celebrity favorite, is introducing a new line of boots for winter that marry the beloved comfort of classic suede boots lined with sheepskin and exotic, head-turning style.  Ocelot, cheetah, zebra and floral designs have been embossed into the suede in contrasting colors, adding texture and sheen to reinvent the beloved closet staple.

BearPaws for Fall

Uniqlo sleeveless top, 7.90
V SP of Vespucci slim fit jacket, €1.598
Hollister Co. embroidery jeans, $50
BEARPAW black shoes, $60
L A M B messenger bag, $134
Balenciaga black jewelry, $1,445
Jewelry, $600
Humanoid loop scarve, $274
Buy Apple iPad 2 MC979B/A Wi-Fi, 16GB, White online at -…, 399
Bond Dallas iPad Easel, $98

Find your new favorite boots for Fall here