Glamour up with @principessa_bty

There are so many P’s to look out for with Principessa Beauty: pretty, pink, and pamper! The beauty company also prides on perfume, packaging, and performance…

I am currently using “naked pink” lip gloss. It’s shiny but not excessive and after it’s on my lips for some time, it’s not sticky like others. The color also goes well with everything so I like to just keep it in my pocket.

I have to try out their other products too. They have fragrances and creams, dry shampoo, and look at this cute water bottle.

($1 from each bottle sold will be donated to breast cancer research)

(One of many gift sets they have. This limited edition includes perfume, pouf, dry shampoo, and body wash)

So definitely go to their website and check out the many products they have. It’ll make a great gift for friends and family…or if you need a pampering! 🙂

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