Posts Written On October 28, 2011

My @BearpawShoes for Fall

Winter 08

Since my UGGs has seen better days, I finally tossed them and got myself a pair of BearPaw Boots!  They are so comfy and warm! Awesome price, so many colors and easy to take care of 🙂

Embossed suede with a touch of shimmer is destined to be the next big footwear frenzy this fall. BEARPAW Footwear, a celebrity favorite, is introducing a new line of boots for winter that marry the beloved comfort of classic suede boots lined with sheepskin and exotic, head-turning style.  Ocelot, cheetah, zebra and floral designs have been embossed into the suede in contrasting colors, adding texture and sheen to reinvent the beloved closet staple.

BearPaws for Fall

Uniqlo sleeveless top, 7.90
V SP of Vespucci slim fit jacket, €1.598
Hollister Co. embroidery jeans, $50
BEARPAW black shoes, $60
L A M B messenger bag, $134
Balenciaga black jewelry, $1,445
Jewelry, $600
Humanoid loop scarve, $274
Buy Apple iPad 2 MC979B/A Wi-Fi, 16GB, White online at -…, 399
Bond Dallas iPad Easel, $98

Find your new favorite boots for Fall here


Protect-a-Bed @Bigbedbug

After hearing so many horror stories about BEDBUGS, I did some internet research.

Did you know dogs that are trained to detect bedbugs get paid $3000 per gig! Oh man. I decided to train Jacob with the bedbug toy Protect-a-Bed gave us at a convention.  Didn’t go so well.

Bedbugs emit a pheromone that is detectable by dogs. My dog, Jacob can only detect fun, peanut butter and furry toys.  So if you have a dog like mine, don’t depend on him to save you from BedBUGS.
Make sure you get a good night sleep sans paranoia by getting the best protector out there – Get Protect-a-Bed!


Austin Southwestern Restaurant

Sup Cole World!

This meal was so good, i really dont even need to blog. A picture speaks a thousand words :0)

Yes i took a photo of my tray! So basically what your feasting your eyes on is Filet Mignon wit goat encrusted cheese and some delicious sauce. The restaurant is called Austin Southwestern Restaurant and is located inside the Omni Hotel. I tried looking for a website for them but can’t find one so instead, book a room at and then getchya grub on at this place, i sho did! :0)

Peace, Love and Steak Grease!


@Fireball_SP : Through the looking glass

Me and @TracyCityLine

On my way to an event last night, I bumped into Jen and Charise who were so kind as to invite me to the Fireball 2011 event. The event was held in support of Sheena’s Place; a non-profit organization providing support for people with eating disorders and their families.

Big shout out to everyone that went to the event and showed their support 🙂

peace and love



Spritz that Here

Liquid Gold – Everyone and their mama’s are getting on the fragrance bandwagon. Perfume deals mean serious money and celebs and brands are all drinking the Kool-Aid. Fragrance houses develop hundreds of scents every year and they are waiting for someone to slap their name on it and then pick a pretty glass vial to house it in. The celeb involved never has to contribute any money and the product development is done entirely by the perfume houses. They split the revenue 50/50 and call it a day. Not bad right?  That’s why everyone is doing it now…

Nine West Love Fury

And in 2012… Kanye West, Louis Vuitton, Nicole Richie, Top Model, Tory Burch, Jimmy Choo

What do you think? Who is next and which brand do you want to see make a fragrance?