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Le Baby

When I saw Gwen Stefani’s lil rock star baby in his mohawk, I couldn’t wait til my nephew got big enough!  Scott is finally 6 months and here is he, rocking Le Baby.

Great at home or on the go, Le Baby Hair Gel & Detangler are must haves for every diaper bag. Whether headed to a play date, grandma’s house or birthday party, moms can create fun hairstyles and keep their kids groomed with a product they can feel good about. And while designed with kids in mind, Le Baby Hair Gel works on all hair types and is great for the whole family. Le Baby Detangler pinpoints hard to comb tangles and gently gets out those hard to get knots. Le Baby Inc. currently has a hypoallergenic styling gel without harsh chemicals. It was designed for kids and babies in mind.

This is what my mom/Scott’s Grandma said about Le Baby Gel:

This year, I was so blessed to have a beautiful grandson. My daughter and I are busily engaging in what should we get for the newborn among her professional friends. Besides the traditional necessary items, we are seeking some newly developed items. When I found out about this newly invented baby hair gel. Immediately I refused to put any chemical stuff on the baby’s hair. However, I found out that there is no chemical at all. We live in Edmonton, Alberta where situates the leeward side of the Rocky Mountain. That means our hair usually affected by the dry air and statics, same as our baby boy’s. After putting some of Le Baby Gel in the baby’s hair, his hair becomes much smoother.

We took him to an important party last month. He put on his tuxedo, with the hair gel; he was the star in the party. I am so glad that we found this new product which makes life more stylish since babyhood. The attached pictures show how happy the baby is.

Here is what you what to know…

No harsh chemicals
No parabens
No sulfates
Not tested on animals
Thickens baby-fine hair
Tames frizzies & fly-aways
Softly holds curls
Keeps hairstyles in place
Never leaves hair stiff or sticky

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Oui to @Ouidad

Ouidad, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Curls,” specializes in hair products especially for curly manes–from loose waves to tight kinks.  Anyone with curly hair knows that our tresses need a special kind of love.  They can be unruly, tangled, dry and entirely unmanageable if not cared for properly.  That’s why I love companies that cater to our special needs. Ouidad in particular is great because they have a wide range of products for all types of curly hair.

I treated my hair to a three-step process, using the Climate Control Shampoo, Deep Treatment, and Climate Control Conditioner (in that order).

  •  Climate Control Shampoo ($18 for 8.5 oz): The sulfate-free shampoo gently cleansed my hair without stripping its natural oils.  The Humidity Shield Complex provides a barrier against heat, humidity and environmental factors.
  • Deep Treatment ($50 for 8.5 oz): I slathered on the intensive, protein-rich conditioner, put on a showercap and then wrapped a (microwaved) hot, wet towel around my head and covered it with a plastic bag.  That way I could chill out and check some emails for 12 minutes as the moisture-rich formula penetrated my hair.
  • Climate Control Condition: Following the directions, I applied this conditioner on top of the Deep Treatment and then rinsed it out.  Packed with amino acids, it infuses strands with hydration, leaving curls smooth and manageable.  (Tip: if you use a protein condition, it’s important to follow up with a moisture-rich condition)

RESULTS: This routine drastically increased my hair’s moisture level.  I don’t think I will be going back to my old shampoo and conditioner.  My hair has been very manageable and very resilient to this annoyingly humid days we’ve been having.  Ouidad knows how to make curly hair happy.

I would definitely recommend it for straight and relaxed hair, too.

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kisses, Olisa