Posts Written On October 25, 2011

Is this for real??

This video is too funny!! I tried going to the company website, but it has since been suspended…First question: is this a real product? Second question: has anyone tried it? On another note, are there really people out there that find putting a condom on difficult???
peace and love


Something for my Grandma

Grandmas are always hard to shop for. They have everything, they have seen everything and they are hardly surprised by anything. I discovered something that is fun and perfect for my grandma from Cane Expressions. You can get it at or at Walmart.
This is a decorative way to add some color to a tool that helps her everyday, her cane!

This is the cane cover that matches your outfit or your mood.

If you want to win this Polka Dot cane cover for someone you love – just Tweet me @Heydoyou “Keep moving in Style” with Cane Expressions.

Winners will be selected randomly.


A lil more LGFW SS’12 L-O-V-E


so nice seeing you again 🙂

his skin is perrrrfect!

it’s always fun times with Chenessa!

Julio is always so fresh!

always a pleasure!

she looked good, even with her eyes closed 🙂

love girls in top-hats!

the necklace… *drool*

alot of people were wearing black, so I was loving the pops of color and the leopard print pumps!

need that coat… please and thank you.

love me some stacey mackenzie

this woman always looks sharp!

peace and love