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@GossipGirl Recap: The Fasting And The Furious

First off, I know Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) is pregnant, but what’s going on with her wardrobe on the show these days? Whatever she’s wearing is just disastrous. I would have expected her to be dressing in some more flowy clothing due to her condition, not some camel-toe jacking high-waist cinching bell-bottoms. Anyway, she and the precious prince Louis finally spill the beans on their upcoming family and the evil step-sister Beatrice (Roxane Mesquida) is ready to cause some trouble.

Serena Van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is pressured to pick up the rights to Dan Humphrey (Penn Bagdley)’s book for an upcoming movie, and she solemnly obliges. At first Dan is incredibly gracious that Serena forgave him, but in another minute he finds out from his agent that his book might get picked up by the famous director Harvey Weinstein. Is Serena finally realizing that she doesn’t have Dan in the palm of her hands anymore? Her boss serves it to her on a cold plate. “If something doesn’t fall right into your lap, Serena, you don’t have a clue how to work for it.”

Blari continues to fight with Louis’ mother Sophie on how the baby is going to be raised. “I feel like I’m starring in Rosemary’s Baby.” Forget the wedding plans, aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves? Louis’ sister Beatrice finally gets her way when Louis decides to stand up to his mother (finally) and go solo with Blair. Is that such a great idea with all her secrets thus far? Blair catches Louis on her computer in her room. Looks like he pieced together the letter from the clinic on the baby’s stats. Remember that? It looks like the Waldorf household never takes out the trash.

Oh yeah, and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) tries to get fresh with an older (and Asian) psychiatrist. She totally turns him down as she should, I mean, does he really expect her to just throw herself on him on her own office couch? Please. I’m getting sick of his bad boy character he does so horribly. Looks like this doctor does a bit more than mental therapy. Prince Louis calls her for a special project. Is she a secret agent by night?

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Victoria’s Secret – 5 new canadian locations!

Hey ladies

I think we are all excited for this. Victoria’s Secret has announced that they are opening 5 more stores in Canada. Over an intimate industry brunch at the Le Germaine hotel reps for the american retailer celebrated the birthday of miss Candice Swanepoel and spoke about the launch. I’m looking forward to this for sure. After all who doesn’t love their Vickie Secrets Undies?

New stores will be:

Mapleview Centre, in Burlington, ON  (October 13th)

Kingsway Garden in Edmonton, AB (October 20th)

Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket, ON (October 20th)

South Centre Mall in Calgary, AB (November 3rd)

Scarborough Town Centre in Scarborough, ON (November 10th)

Speaking of which… check out their new collection for Winter 2011!



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Ladies, Law and The LuxeLife

At first glance, the day seemed dank and dreary, rain fell hours on end; lightning, thunder, and forceful winds threatened the day. Come sun or flood, as long as the yacht party with still on, so was I! I dressed with caution, yet still hopeful, aware of the temperamental changes in the Miami weather this time of year… I’d miss the past few years, but I was NOT missing this one!

Miami Carnival isn’t just a party, its a lifestyle and for those of us who work hard, The LuxeLife creates the outlet to party harder. Every year Social Esquire hosts their annual LuxeLife Yacht party… Festive music, unlimited drinks, and great food with South Florida’s biggest movers and shakers

Social Esquire is a boutique consulting company run by 3 amazing female attorneys. Rochelle Mukiza-Gapere, Esq., Daniela Backer, Esq., and Jamila A. Powell, Esq Lawyers by day, Social Esquire at heart these ladies completely embody their motto: “Live outside of the box and color outside of the lines”.

Walking on to the yacht I’m greeted by Soca Music and beautiful faces. For the next 4 hours I networked, danced, and forgot about the tsunami stirring up outside. These women really know how to throw a party! This was just one of the many successful events that SE hosts, from MyEmpoWOMENt, #FitnessFirst, to the most recent Pink Gavel Luncheon these women stay in touch with what’s relevant and propels companies into the next level.

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@GUCCI, are you Guilty?

‘Cause I am Guilty of falling in love with this fragrance!

I got this for my birthday from my brother and I absolutely love using it. I spray it on before I go to work in the morning and sometimes I like using it before going out at night. It can be used for every occasion, which is great. It doesn’t last very long but I like that the scent dies down after a little bit…it sort of mellows out.

It is described as a “sheer, floral-oriental” scent with “a bright burst of citrus and a dangerous hint of black pepper.” It gives a feel of sexiness and power…nothing more a woman needs to feel. 🙂

One of my top favs out of the many I own…scent is a powerful indicator of what my emotion will be and I can say this makes me feel good! It’s the final touch before I head out the door.

Gucci Guilty comes in sizes of 1 oz, 1.6 oz, or 2.5 oz and in a bold glass and metal bottle.

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