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SHESOFAB. How about you?

Hey Ladiessss

SHESOFAB has officially launched their exciting new campaign called ‘I AM FAB’ A campaign aimed towards putting women in the spotlight and letting them tell their FAB stories! Tell SSF why you are FAB for a chance to win an exclusive interview and photo shoot feature for their first issue of SHESOFAB magazine! Plus a 1 night stay at ONE King West hotel and a 1 year membership with DivaGirl Fitness! Plus Over $5000 worth of giveaways. These are all stellar prizes!

Theres also the  SHESOFAB T-SHIRT. $2 from every shirt will be contributed to Sheena’s place – an organization dedicated to helping those who suffer from eating disorders.
Are you fabulous?? All women have a story, and SHESOFAB believes all women should have the right to let the world know why she is fabulous! Check them out at www.SHESOFAB.COM and tell them your inspirational story! Love to hear some of them.

Aphrodisiology @RebelEmergency

“An eclectic mix of Rock, Reggae and Pop that is undeniable in both its energy and originality.” Get the album.

Who is Rebel-Emergencey? Roddy (lead vocals), Geoff (guitar), Mike (bass) and Jeremy (drums)

Why should you love them?  1) They’re a Canadian band 2) Their music is amazing 3) it’s only a matter of time before their captivating music leaves you with no choice but to! 4) They are a Canadian band

I love this song!!

They’ve performed in Canada, Jamaica, and the US, and have already shared the stage with the likes of The Roots, Damian Marley, Snoop Dogg, and Bedouin Soundclash to name a few. They’ll be performing on November 3rd and I have to be there. I’ll keep you posted on the details.

peace and love



Someone Like You

A very special friend called today and told me about this video… I’m not sure how I missed it’s premiere back in September, maybe because I’ve been so invested in the album!

During a major break-up, the simplicity and “realness” of Adele’s ’21’ album got me through and brought me out on the other side… more grown, with more wisdom and more strength. I remember, when I first fell for this song, wondering how the creative direction of the video would go… the words are so powerful… what approach would be taken?  I think director, Jake Nava, did an incredible job of committing to the inevitable flaws of love, romance and heartbreak with the smoky black and white lens-view… in the quiet streets of Paris. What city would be better for a song like this? There’s no marital drama or agressive undertone of this video, it’s just the realness that I’m sure each reader of this blog has experienced… when the heart has built you up to a place that someone else disappoints you at. Someone like you is the finale track on the ’21’ album and leaves the listener with chills and thoughts to digest, Adele has an epic way of unveiling the emotions that we’d all love to keep hidden. The interesting afterthought is that in actuality, the artist Adele is full of beauty and bubbly personality… perhaps an example that ‘this too shall pass’ and that we are strong enough to encounter it all, even the depths of unrequited love . PS: I’m in love with that stellar Moschino trench; Enjoy this video!!! xo


Cole World: The Sideline Story Review @JColeNC


To have commercial success an emerging rapper needs to appeal to both men and women. This is an extremely hard task and can often hold back artists. How do they make it? How do they have the themes that are perfect for men and women? J. Cole is the answer with his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story.

Personally I have loved J. Cole since way back. I have his mixtapes and know all the words to practically all his songs. After three mixtapes, this is J. Cole’s first commercial release. FINALLY! Majority of the songs on Cole World is produced by Jermaine (his main producer). J. Cole is a man of many talents, which is shown by all the instruments that he plays on this album (violin, drum machine and piano). If you are a fan of J. Cole you will love Dollar and a Dream III, if you just started listening to him, you will be inspired to download his previous mixtapes.

My favourite song is Daddy’s Little Girl- this song brings in Cole’s passion and how a social message really needs to be presented. However, the song like God’s Gift presents J.Cole in a way that makes it seem like he is the problem and the solution to the problems he’s rapping about. It’s really difficult to take a song about unwanted pregnancies and abortions seriously if there are also songs about one night stands. But looking past these contradictions you will be really happy with the different flows, mixed with a story telling flow. J. Cole has a way of keeping tender songs from sounding too blah and like Drake- he can mix a few silly lyrics into a catchy package.

With little to no collaborations, J.Cole wants you to fall in love with his music, and his rapping style. Only two big names are featured on the album- Missy Elliott, and Jay-Z and to be honest they really don’t do much to Cole’s album. However J. Cole’s new album is a breath of fresh of air and hopefully will shed light on important social issues. J.Cole’s fans are sure to be happy with the end result.

Download his album here

much love xo




@KnownUnknownInc : Don’t forget the lyrics

Everybody loves Spek Won!

How do I even describe Sunday night. Hmmm there are no words, but one thing’s for sure, it was totally AWESOME. Despite the turkey hangovers, all the artists were ON POINT, and put on an excellent show. Big thank you to Tika for inviting the HeyDoYou team, and many thanks to the artists for sharing their talent with us.

Now for some video.

peace and love


*** Videos of each artists’ set will be up on youtube later this week***


Big Pony #3 @BigPonyTeam

He just wants to know that you can be low-key. Mr Big Pony #3 wants to know that you can play in the mud and little things mean a lot to you. Show him with your dress down sweet self and know that you got it.

Big Pony #3

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