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Inglot Introduces Three Translucent Loose Powders

@Inglot_USA is bringing in three brand new loose translucent powders to their collection of cosmetics. The powders are said to be light in weight giving you the oil-absorbing property we all look for in translucent powders giving you the perfect matte finish while also having the benefits of color correction.

#216 – Truly translucent, and completely colorless

#217 – Yellow tones that will neutralize, while brightening skin

#218 This softer, lightweight, peach formula will correct discoloration under the eyes and knock out purple tones

Powders will retails for $12 each. Sounds like a steal to me! They will be available online and in all US stores by mid-October.

Inglot Stores – NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, Newport Beach, New Jersey, Macy’s Herald Square NYC

Keep your eyes peeled for these powders! Love the rest of Inglot’s products and I expect no less from this one. Can’t wait to get my hands on them 🙂

xo, June 🙂


Thanksgiving Eating

It’s that time of the year again, where we get to eat till our bellies ache! I won’t be indulging in any turkey this Thanksgiving, but if you’re in need of a good turkey recipe, or are just looking to switch up from the old one; I got one for ya!

Riesling Roasted Turkey with Fig and Fall Vegetable Stuffing

1 (16-pound) whole turkey

5 pounds butter, divided

3 bottles of Fielding Estate Winery 2009 Riesling

4 carrots, peeled

4 onions peeled

2 heads celery

2 large celery roots, peeled

4 heads garlic, peeled and chopped

1 cup dried figs

1/2 cup olive oil, plus more as needed

2 loaves white bread

1 quart chicken stock

Salt and white pepper

3 cups all-purpose flour

2 fresh bay leaves

1 bunch fresh thyme leaves, chopped

1 bunch fresh parsley leaves, chopped

Special Equipment: 6 feet of cheesecloth

Stuffing Directions – Dice the carrots, onions, celery, and celery root so that they are all about the same size. Toss vegetables with garlic, thyme, figs, and olive oil. Spread out on sheet pans and roast in the oven until vegetables are tender. Set aside. Cut the bread into 1-inch cubes. Spread out on sheet pans and toast in the oven until golden. Combine the roasted vegetables mixture with the toasted bread in a large bowl. Melt 1 pound butter and toss with vegetable and bread mixture. Transfer to a baking dish and add enough chicken stock to cover the mixture. Bake for 45 minutes. Reserve stuffing and keep warm.

Turkey Directions – Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Melt 3 pounds of the butter and combine with Riesling and parsley. Soak the cheesecloth in the wine and butter mixture. Set aside. Remove the neck and gizzard from the turkey and discard. Rinse the bird thoroughly with cold water and pat dry. Using your fingers, gently loosen the skin from the breasts and drumsticks and slip the bay leaves underneath. Rub the entire surface with 1/4 cup of the melted butter. Lightly sprinkle the skin and cavity with salt and pepper. Loosely stuff the turkey with dressing and place any remaining stuffing in a baking dish to cook separately. Truss the turkey and place on a rack in a large roasting pan. Cover with wine and butter soaked cheesecloth. Roast for about 45 minutes, basting with the remaining butter/wine mixture every 10 minutes. Reduce the temperature to 350 F and continue roasting for another 1 1/4 hours or until an instant-read thermometer inserted in the thigh registers 180 degrees F. If at any point the cheesecloth becomes burnt, discard but continue basting. Transfer the turkey to a cutting board and allow it to rest 20 to 30 minutes before carving.

5 ways you can enjoy wine this Thanksgiving

1. As an ingredient. Adding a cup of Chardonnay to your gravy will ad body and flavor, and bring new life to your potatoes and turkey when tasted together.

2. As an appetizer. Fielding’s 2010 White Conception, with complex aromas of nectarine, honeysuckle, poached pears, almond, orange zest, brioche and Chinese five-spice, will pair well with cheese and crackers or other appetizers you will serve your guests.<<– omg!

3. A white wine with dinner. If you prefer dry wines, try a nice Sauvignon Blanc or an oaked Chardonnay. On the sweeter side, Fielding’s 2010 Estate Bottled Riesling or a Gewurtztraminer go quite nicely with turkey.

4. If you’re a red wine lover. Fielding’s 2009Pinot Noir is the perfect wine to have with your holiday meal. Robust and full of flavor, the tannins will match vey well with your turkey and potatoes.

5. Dessert. Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be the same without a helping of pumpkin or apple pie to finish it off. Add a new dimension to the traditional dessert with a glass of Fielding2010 Vidal icewine, an intensely sweet flavor that is well balanced.

Thanks to Fielding Wines for sharing this with us.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

peace and love



Whole lotta pink @the3day – Breast Cancer Awareness

I’m not a huge fan of pink but last year in July I was around 3 days of full-blown PINK. I registered for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. It is a 60-mile walk over the course of 3 days and I decided to walk in Boston, MA, one of many cities to choose from.

Words can’t describe the unforgettable experience I had that summer as well as the previous year when I volunteered.

*I volunteered with two girlfriends who one of them lost their mom to breast cancer*

You meet many people and share laughter and tears, unforgettable stories, both men and women who leave an imprint of what they have gone through.

There are so many little ways to make a difference, to change a person’s life, a friend’s life, or even a complete stranger’s life. The power that one can do with the decisions and choices they make is truly a gift.

*Cute signs along the way. There were a bunch of different pit stops and they each had a theme of some sort*

*Closing ceremony. Very moving and emotional and definitely a great feeling*

I thought 60 miles was crazy but then when I saw the survivors walking 60 miles along with everything else they have been through, I knew I could do this. I knew those 60 miles and the yearlong fundraising I did would totally be worth it.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I know the 3-Day is something that someone has to put time into but it’s great how there are so many other things a person can do to be one step closer to finding a cure.

So many companies promote their products and donate those proceeds for research. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know what you do to make a difference. 🙂

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“Everyone deserves a lifetime.” <3


@MiracleSkin Transformer Product Launch

I discovered the Miracle Skin Transformer line at its product launch this past Friday at Sephora Times Square.  While products of all kinds throw around the word “miracle,” the demonstrations performed by creator Sarah McNamara proved that these products are appropriately named!

SPF 20, the antioxidant-rich tinted skin enhancer, leaves your skin airbrushed, hydrated and protected in one easy step.  The naturally derived silicone formulation is designed to improve skin texture, minimize fine lines and pores and reduce pigmentation spots over time.  It’s available in 7 shades ranging from translucent to deep dark.

MST also offers a colorless SPF 20 for MenTreat & Conceal to hydrate, cover and protect, and Body SPF 20, a high performance tinted body enhancer.

Lucky volunteers from the crowd took a seat and let Sarah McNamara give them a quick, skin-transforming makeover using the Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20.  The women all had your typical freshly-washed-face issues, including redness and uneven skin pigmentation.  With a few strokes, McNamara applied the product, leaving these ladies with a fresh, smooth, even skin tone.

I was wowed by the results!  See for yourself…

Sarah McNamara
For more information about Miracle Skin Transformer, visit:
kisses, Olisa